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A Record Number Sees Angelou, ASU Survey: Who Should Speak At 2014 MLK Commemoration?

Photo by Sarah E. Magness
 Photo by Sarah E. Magness, a graduate assistant at ASU who said it was an honor to hear Dr. Angelou speak.

Jan. 24, 2012. Despite the frigid temperature, more than 5,000 Appalachian students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members filled the Holmes Center last night and another 1,562 watched the live stream on computers and mobile devices.

This number easily eclipsed the attendance record for the MLK Commemoration set last January when over 1,800 filled the Farthing Auditorium for Angela Davis.  

Who should be invited to speak at the 30th MLK Commemoration?  Please submit the short survey at the following link to provide your feedback and input.


The following individuals provided critical expertise, assistance and support throughout the planning and production of this historic event.

Thanks to Ryan Morton of University Communications; Stephen Taylor of Learning Technology Services; Brandon Hall, Marcia Lusk, and Jason Parker of the Holmes Center; Scott Haynes, Megan Stage, and Denise Ringler of the Office of Arts and Cultural Programs; and Keith McCutchen of the Hayes School of Music.

The following offices provided resources and staff that made last night possible.

Thanks to the Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance, Office of Arts and Cultural Programs, Holmes Center, Hayes School of Music, Parking and Traffic, ASU Police, Women’s Studies Program, Sustainable Development Department, Theater and Dance Department, and the Office of Multicultural Student Development . 

Thank you for keeping the dream alive and living it every day!

This was an email sent to ASU faculty and staff recently.