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LETTERS / A Fiscal Conservative Asks Why Our Taxes Are Wasted

Dear Editor,

I attended the Board of Elections meeting last night and came away wondering why our taxes are being squandered in such an obvious way.  If you are concerned about wasteful spending, I suggest that you ask the Board of Elections these questions:

* Why are they making unnecessary changes in the voting sites, requiring first-class mailing to inform the public at over $3,000?

* Why are they refusing to set up a transfer station, thus increasing the number of  provisional ballots which will require the employment of many additional poll workers?

* Why are they avoiding a site with a newly maintained parking lot and automobile access, with plans to use a facility that will require repairs at great cost?

It was obvious that money was no object to these people, but they NEVER explained why they are creating these new costs.  I think the voters need to be informed!

Glenda Hubbard