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A First Time Visit To Blue Deer Cookies; A Review by Asha Batchelor

The owner of Blue Deer Cookies, Justin Northern

By Asha Batchelor

Review of Blue Deer Cookies!

As I walked into the Blue Deer Cookies location I instantly saw a silver camper! 

Which I thought was cool because a camper is so unique, hotdog stands have a cart, restaurants or stores are inside in a building, but Blue Deer Cookies is located in a camper!

So, this was my first time being there but really I regret not going there before! Its was astonishing! The taste the smells the presentation! The food is definitely Instagram worthy!

So I had an interview with the owner! During the interview with Justin Northern he answered some of my questions I was wondering!

When did the business start?

“End of May 2018”

What motivated you to start the business?

“Both of my parents started a business on their own but I wanted to start something on my own, instead of someone else’s accomplishes. And I don’t like to work for other people.”

How did you develop a passion for cookies?

“I wanted to work for myself and build a profitable business that could make enough money for me and my family! Also I always get cookies and milk!”

What are you plans for the future?

“We want to develop 4 more locations or more in different areas but doing the same thing we are doing already!”

How is your food made?

“The ice-cream is made from a local dairy farm, thats been in business for 56 years. For our cookies we make one batch of cookie dough a week and we make our dough ourselves!”

“One of the things I like most about our business is coming out at night and looking at all the tourists, students and families hanging out together and talking, because nobody really does that anymore.” Justin the owner says 

The cookies were jaw-dropping amazing! When you put the cookies in your mouth it just melts in your mouth!

My favorite flavor is chocolate chip! 

The cookies don’t have a really surgery taste like some do and aren’t too hard to try to chew on or to soft that you can’t pick them up without breaking! 

The cookies are very diverse from other places because it’s so unique! When I first tasted the “Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich”

it tasted like heaven!

The ice-cream is not like other ice-creams either! It has a taste that you will never forget and a texture that’s not too chunky like some and not too smooth like others but I perfect texture that honestly I can’t put into words because it’s so extraordinary!

The flavors I tested was, 

Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Graham Cracker, Double Chocolate, and Gluten Free 

The ice-cream options are,

Ice Cream- Vanilla, Peach, Lemon Crunch, Cookies n Cream, Chocolate

The owner, Justin Northern was a college student and if you ask me that’s an amazing accomplishment! Justin is from Boone NC but was born in Winston Salem NC. He now has a beautiful wife named Callie and an out-standing business! 

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Asha Batchelor is 10 years old and a Boone resident who enjoys writing, and occasionally shares her stories with us for our readers.