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LETTERS / Most People Learn Early To Join The Crowd

Dear Editor,

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. All you have to do is tell them that they are in danger of being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” Hermann Goering

Polls show that more than half of Americans believe the official 9/11 story is a lie. You can categorize anyone by how they recognize lies. What you choose to ignore, deny and defend defines your courage, your principles and what you will leave your children. It tells you, in that place where your conscience might be, who you are, or serve. How will you defend your willful blindness when standing before your maker?

Most people learn early to join the crowd, which is how segregation, tobacco use and our various national military adventures proceed without much opposition. We’re taught it’s unpleasant to oppose the mob, so although most Americans distrust “our government” and the prestitutes, they proceed as if the stories served by the mind-control box in the living room were reality.

The 9/11 official conspiracy theory says that 19 Arabs, who couldn’t fly small planes, pulled off the crime of the century under the direction of a guy in a cave in Afghanistan, hijacked passenger planes and made unbelievable maneuvers into buildings. None of the accused had previously shown abilities to accomplish this deed, failed flight school, and used boxcutters. How does anyone know about these boxcutters? No jet fighters were scrambled to intercept any planes, although even one errant airplane has always immediately been intercepted. Airport traffic controllers were ordered to destroy all recorded evidence of the event. Video tape from the buildings around the Pentagon was confiscated by the FBI and you can’t see it.

Within hours three of NY City’s biggest buildings crumbled into their own footprints at freefall speed, two of them designed to absorb the impact of large planes. We’re told the fire, burning below the melting point of steel, caused this. No fire in history has accomplished this, anywhere, ever. Other fires have burned hotter and longer, yet no steel frame building fell. This time three fell in one day, including building seven, suffering a few fires, a block away. Months later the wreckage burned white hot beneath the surface of the towers, and building demolition style clear cuts in steel framing posts were photographed.
Miraculously, we’re given a list of perpetrators almost immediately. One “hijacker’s” passport was found on a nearby street, undamaged. It flew thru the fireball and landed where it could be found. If they knew who they were, how did they get on any plane? Days before 9/11 some of these religious fanatics were seen drinking and having lap dances in a Florida bar.

That morning several men were seen videotaping the attack as it happened. They were dancing and celebrating. The police arrested them. They were found to be Mossad agents. Some time later they were quietly returned to their home country without explanation. How could these men have been in the right place, at the right time, with videotaping equipment, without knowing something in advance?

Members of Bin Laden’s family, the man immediately accused of masterminding the attack, were quickly flown to Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden denied any connection to this attack and the FBI says no evidence of his involvement exists. One video, presented as evidence, was proven false by leading European forensic experts. Many insist he did but present no evidence. Find it. Show us.

Major wars have been launched as a result of 9/11. Money has been made. Over a million people died with many more displaced. An investigation of the event was organized despite opposition by baby Bush and Darth Cheney. It rubber stamped the official “conspiracy theory” though the evidence didn’t support these conclusions, and some investigators resigned. The wreckage was shipped to China. No one was allowed to examine it.

In New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon all of the evidence is odd. Evidence directly contesting the official “conspiracy theory” fills thousands of pages. “Our government” requires acceptance of its official “conspiracy theories”; People in government and University professors who questioned the official stories have been fired or driven from office. Major web sites composed of experts in their fields, are ignored.

When I was in public school we were taught that Soviet Russia created official truth and contrary views weren’t allowed, so we should be pleased we had free press, which we don’t. We have corporate media, public relations agents’, and source of “campaign contributions” for “our leaders” that enable corporate profits.

Casual investigation of who benefited and possibly engineered 9/11 lead to the same place; One “think tank”, PNAC, said in the late nineties, a “new Pearl Harbor” would lead to actions making American supremacy achievable. Members of this organization held key positions in and around baby Bush’s administration, and now, Obama’s. Look at what they’ve been doing.

This is a small part of the evidence challenging one “official conspiracy theory”. “Conspiracy theorists”, who distrust government accounts of events like 9/11 and the JFK assassination, greatly outnumber believers. Those who use the terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” as an insult, do so as the result of a well-documented, historically-real conspiracy, by the CIA to cover up the JFK assassination using those terms. This has people trained so they’re unable to think clearly about crimes like 9/11, because they can’t process information that conflicts with pre-existing faith, taught from birth.

Challenging “official conspiracy theories” undercuts your American “education”. If you’re called a conspiracy theorist, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve claimed that a conspiracy exists or have simply raised an issue that doesn’t add up. Once labeled so, you’re intentionally excluded from public debate by those who profit from compliance.

We know the NSA has lied to us; it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s easily proven that many of our wars have been based on lies. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

Craig Dudley