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LETTERS / The Mainstreamers Say It’s Team America Versus Team Russia

Dear Editor,

“Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” Anonymous neo-con.

Vice-president Biden recently said that Russia stands “naked before the world” and is guilty of international aggression. Hillary says Putin is a “new Hitler. Corporate media echoes this silly name-calling. If intervention in another country is how we judge; America is a serial murder and Russia has been relatively peace loving. America pursues global authority with incompetent, corrupt bureaucrats, political parties and idiots in charge, while Russia operates similarly but locally.

The mainstreamers say it’s Team America versus Team Russia. Americans must defend their team. Anyone who doesn’t might be a traitor who needs watching. We’re fed the same crap with each new “police action”.

The Empire is displeased with Putin’s resistance, in Syria, Iran and Ukraine. American efforts to destabilize these countries are the most recent examples of our history of aggression. I know; you’re taught we’re spreading freedom. If you investigate real history, beyond American propaganda/school “lesson”, you find actual reality. Germans were taught of their wonderfulness in the thirties in a manner similar to how Americans are “educated”.

Since the 1953 CIA coup in Iran, America has been using the same formula to overthrow uncooperative leaders. Sabotage the country’s economy, bribe corrupt military officers and pay mobs to create chaos in the streets. Sometimes they provide snipers and bombs all to overthrow the targeted legitimate leader, murder or imprison his supporters, install a Western puppet in his place and announce that “order has been restored.

The CIA removed Iran’s democratically-elected government in 1953, the same for Guatemala in 1954, Indonesia’s Sukarno in 1965, Chile’s Allende in 1973 and several others. They recently did the same thing to Ukraine’s elected president Yanukovyc

In 1971, following the CIA’s coup in Chile, Pinochet murdered 3,000 people and tortured 30,000. The CIA trained and paid the torturers. Kissinger’s comment about it was that just because people vote a government into power doesn’t mean we must respect their choice. America wanted its participation in the Chilean coup kept secret so they murdered two American journalists, one of whom had stumbled upon evidence of American involvement in the coup. These two had become a threat to “national security,” so had to be killed.

We’ve killed millions in coups, interventions, destabilization campaigns, and undeclared wars. If we add the number of people tortured, falsely imprisoned, made refugees, or who had their lives ruined by America’s terrorism, the number of victims reaches the hundreds of millions. You might ask what does America have to gain from all this; power and money, the goal of all psychopaths and empires.

The New World Order, which several presidents have welcomed publically, beginning with Bush the first, is working to overthrow every government that resists the Empire. Russian President Putin is resisting so the Western propaganda machine calls him names. They intended to give Russia the Libya treatment, and they didn’t make a secret of it.

Neocon regime-change operator Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state, got caught admitting that America spent five billion dollars to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically-elected government; and EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton was recorded admitting that the Ukrainian snipers were part of the American-sponsored coup.

“Our” terrorists sometimes only seem interested in destruction. The CIA/NATO coup against Gaddafi destroyed Libya as a nation-state. America’s invasion split Iraq. Syria is being devastated by a Western-backed attack on Assad, and recently Turkey was caught planning a false flag attack, to invade Syria. Venezuela is being destabilized by a second CIA-backed coup effort in a dozen years.

Americans don’t like foreigners meddling here. Remember how upset people were when they thought the Chinese were spreading money around during the Clinton years. Why would other countries accept our; regime change, IMF imposition, phony privatization, cronyism, and the rest of the “neoliberal” program? I don’t remember any Russians coming to the segregated south and telling black folk how to get their rights.

America’s gullibility includes never-ending acceptance of war-lust. Some politicians, lying as usual, say things “consumers” like to hear; it’s reinforced on the TV and Americans line up for their orders. In response to Russia’s occupation of Crimea, “our government” announced sanctions on Russians immediately.  Contrariwise Israel’s forty six year military, apartheid, genocidal occupation of Palestinian territories has brought billions in military aid and unconditional diplomatic support. We bombed Serbia into surrendering Kosovo. Any truthful Vietnam vet active in small field units will admit My Lai was a common scenario.

America would be better served to mind its own business. American utilities, roads, bridges and power lines are crumbling. With bankrupt cities, why are we sending Kiev, Israel and Egypt, money? When the shale gas illusions evaporate, and there’s not enough petroleum for corporate-farms, fertilizers, herbicides, or irrigation water to pour into the eroding soil, how are you going to eat, and travel? Congress just voted to send our oil and gas to Europe. Americans ignore the disorder at home as we interfere in the problems of others.

American words have different meanings. America doesn’t invade, they bring democracy. The war on terror has become overseas contingency operations. The story; “Washington stands for international law, supporting national sovereignty and universal democracy. It’s against any government’s killing of its own citizens.” sounds good but “our government” does the very things it speaks against covering it with what Orwell called “newspeak”.

America’s “mainstream” press refuses to acknowledge reality, continuing to proclaim the official line such as how “our government” is so committed to democracy.

All this may not be a subject acceptable for dinner party conversation but it is an description of actions by “our government” that you support actively or silently, no different than your average German in 1938.

Show us how your passive vote changed anything.

Craig Dudley