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LETTERS / America’s Kafka/Orwell Nightmare Grows

Dear Editor,

Why can Kosovo declare independence but not Crimea? Israel takes Palestinian land, Syrian land and parts of Lebanon without American condemnation. Truth in corporate media has vanished with “news” outlets playing their role in the Ministry of Government Lies.

America’s UN ambassador said, “Russia has used its veto as an accomplice to unlawful military incursion.” Substitute “American” for “Russia,” and you’re describing American actions towards Israeli’s occupation of Palestine. Since 1972, America has vetoed more Security Council resolutions than anyone, vetoing resolutions on Palestine, vetoing resolutions condemning South Africa’s apartheid regime, also condemning illegal American military aggression against Nicaragua and Panama. We were told America invaded Granada to protect American medical students.

Most Americans can’t imagine that their country and government aren’t adored around the world due to the relentless propaganda we’re subject to our entire lives. We’re sold the wonderfulness of America, brainwashed from birth, by politicians and the corporate media who determine what we’ll see, and should think, about what they choose to display. This has many negative consequences among them is the public acceptance and approval of many crimes committed by “our government”.

Bush the first, agreed not to expand NATO east to Russia’s borders. Bush and Clinton broke the deal with Moscow pushing NATO east towards Central Asia. NATO offered membership to Ukraine. Moscow saw encirclement.

American media support NATO expansion to Ukraine by distorting reality; Ukraine’s President is presented as corrupt, with constant focus on his wealth, mansion, and pro-Russian stance; he is. The protesters are presented as democratic activists with little investigation/discussion into the opposition leaders backgrounds. Words betray the prejudice of the prestitutes whose audiences are relentlessly bombarded by the same narratives about the protests in Ukraine.

The National Endowment for Democracy web site says that during 2012 alone they gave $3,355,834 to various groups in Ukraine. That was one year and NED wasn’t the only organization sending your tax dollars to fund opposition groups. NED, funded by “our government”, says they aren’t only involved in Ukraine and Russia, but also Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Moldova. For those geographically challenged, this group allegedly is promoting “democracy” in historic Russia as if looking for trouble.

America’s Kafka/Orwell nightmare grows. Fascists who seized power by force from an elected government are ‘legitimate’ and a plebiscite is ‘a violation of international law’. Can you imagine the uproar if Russia or China was spending millions to support “opposition” groups in America and also in every country in our hemisphere?

They claim nongovernmental organization status (NGO), making it seem that they’re independent, which they aren’t. They speak for “our government”, but also for a sub-division of “our government”, the neo-conservative globalists acting regardless of which party allegedly holds power. The neocons engineered the coup in Kiev, this crisis, to divert Russia from supporting Syria and Iran and switch Ukraine’s allegiance.

The “democracy” that NED advances, “free-market capitalism”, to be precise, insuring the control of American corporations internationally (think big NAFTA and what Ross Perot said about that) isn’t concerned with legitimate concerns of people around the world.

We’re told it’s legitimate for NATO to steal Kosovo from Serbia and undermine Ukraine’s government, but Russians of Crimea voting for their future is a fixed election. “Our government” helps overthrow Ukraine’s elected government, install an unelected one, and declares that Crimean self-determination violates the Ukrainian constitution, which no longer exists because “our government” destroyed it.

They use paper ballots even though there can be fraud with paper. Our electronic machines were designed to rig elections as necessary, and do. Honest democracy is unreliable. No election in our country can ever be considered legitimate until we return to paper with many honest counters. It’s only in America that exit polls being way off occurs.

The tale we’re being offered is a corrupt pro-Russian regime has been ousted by a democratic revolution which isn’t what happened. The media sources that have portrayed Ukraine’s president as a greedy and corrupt autocrat fail to mention that the opposition that they present so wonderfully also has mansions, car collections, and vast wealth. They fail to mention that the main opposition leaders were in power before and lost because of their corrupt mismanagement.

Putin’s KGB background is frequently referred to as a means of demonizing him as a militaristic brute. The CIA background of Bush the first was rarely referred to by those same prestitutes and when it was mentioned, it was done in a passive or positive delivery 

Overturning uncooperative regimes is a CIA specialty; Ukraine’s first Orange Revolution, Georgia, attempted again in Iran unsuccessfully, and, with American and British Special Forces help, in Libya and Syria. Egypt came next, where America’s chosen military dictator claims he is answering the people’s call. No word about Saudi Arabia or Bahrain’s American-backed monarchy violently crushing their opposition. Benghazi?

Bankrupt America, running on money borrowed from China, with bridges collapsing and 44 million citizens on food stamps, squanders money to interfere around the world. Senator McStain and his sidekick Senator Graham demand that Obama “get tough.” Let’s mine Russia’s ports or blockade its oil and gas exports; nothing like nuclear war to show how weak the “opposition” is.

Social conditioning is the process of training society’s individuals to respond as required by the elites who manipulate society to their benefit and gain. Mentioning Hitler makes Americans more willing to intervene anywhere which is why the Hitler card gets played often.

“Our exceptional, indispensable, arrogant, self-righteous government” doesn’t need permission, speaking not just for itself, was chosen by God, and the neoconservatives, to act for the world. “Patriots” only accept official doublespeak ignoring the reality of American deceptive actions. American continually breaks its word.

In 1962 JFK went to the brink of war when the Soviets put missiles in Cuba. Thinking that Putin wouldn’t “go the distance” to maintain his neighborhood and only warm water port is the height of arrogance. 

 Craig Dudley