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LETTERS / Stop Trying to be a Political Powerhouse and Just Take Care of the Citizen’s Needs

Dear Editor:

I’m concerned with what’s been going on with the town council and all the money they spend on legal costs and lobbyists. It seems like they’re always suing somebody or somebody’s suing them. The town attorney, Sam Furgiuele, was paid over $140,000 last year for the time he spent being an “advisor” the town council. And Boone spent over $680,000 with one of their two lobbying firms since 2006. Added to all this over $200,000 on the well documented case with Phil Templeton and there must be others as well. 

There’s a lot of money to be made in those closed session meetings. From 2009-2012 the Boone Town Council had 328 closed session agenda items. I did the math, that’s one every 3 business days. According to the news paper accounts they met 78 times in one year compared to Asheville, which is five times larger than Boone, that met 33. The council is only scheduled to meet twice a month. Who knows how many secret meetings they’ve had this year. Surely you can’t have THAT many “personnel or land issues.”

I hope our new Mayor and Town Council will try to cut these costs. Boone really needs to make a change in how they treat their citizens and their tax dollars. Having fewer and more open meetings would be a good start. Next cut out all the lobbyist money you’re spending. Stop trying to be a political powerhouse and just take care of the citizens’ needs.

Rose Cook