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LETTERS / Sad Day For The Poor in North Carolina

Dear Editor,

It is a sad day for the poor in North carolina’s 5th Congressional District (Virginia Foxx). Our own

congresswoman voted to strip The food Stamp Program (SNAP) from the farm bill. The congressional 
authorization ends in September 2013. 
Without reauthorization by congress the program dies, and there will be NO more food stamps for any of 
those of us who are on the food stamp program. It is sad that Virgina Foxx would vote to deliberately harm
her own consituents. BUT SHE DID JUST THAT. 
There are thousands of us in North carolina who are dependent on SNAP to put basic food on the table. I do NOT 
buy Crab Legs or Shrimp, or aything fancy or expensive. I buy staples, Bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, etc. 
I do not try to buy Alcohol nor do I go to strip clubs. Here in NC those kinds of things are ILLEGAL to purchase 
with SNAP benefits. You also cannot buy prepared foods that are HOT. You can get cold items cole slaw, potato 
salad, etc. 
But in September that all ends when the SNAP program is drained of it’s resources by Congress. And VIRGINIA 
FOXX is one of those responsible for this morally reprehensible act. She is nothing but a 1%’er. It will be no skin
off her nose she is a MILLIONAIRE, this is NOT going to hurt her she sits pretty and looks down her nose at those
of us who are stepped on by people like her.
It is time to hold her responsible for her acts of intolerance, her acts of prejudice and bias and her acts of indifferance

toward those of us who are part of the 47%.

David Gross