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LETTERS / My Impression of Virginia Foxx’s Role at Watauga GOP Convention

Mrs. Foxx:

Your appearance and statements to the Watauga GOP convention and individuals were indicative of a tyrant.

Truthfully, you interfered with and suppressed the normal, true democratic process as stipulated by representative guidelines, as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

There is no doubt that you, Mrs. Foxx, and primarily the urban Republican leadership and prominent members agreed to a predetermined set of new officers, agenda items, and resolutions, which again, sacrificed and ignored your main support base, the rural areas.

From your statements, your idea of a political organization is for that group to have absolutely no room for disagreement or any fair and democratic process that would challenge the status quo.

You plainly stated, you will have no dissension. I remind you and the Watauga GOP that this country was born out of dissension. The right to disagree is part of our history, and apparently, you will have no part of the normal and legal process for people to engage in and change the system for their interests. And the current election laws and district lines favor the political dominance of urban areas, which disenfranchises the rural communities.

Apparently, your emphasis is to promote the interests for a select few within the Party first, and ideals like ethics, principles, integrity, transparency, and fair play are totally ignored.

You, Mrs. Foxx, have disappointed me and many others on previous occasions. Once again, you have proven to me that you are not an honest and true conservative. But your arbitrary and uncalled for statements Saturday in Boone were reprehensible and have reinforced my belief that you are not looking after the best interests of all your people. Your attitude and remarks, plus the arrogance of some GOP leaders and members will certainly drive away even more people from your party ranks. Plus, what transpired in Boone will cause more people to be disillusioned with an unfair system, and consequently, more voters will give up on the election process.

Again, I am ashamed of you.


Madeline K. Carter