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48 Finalists Selected in the 19th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Contest

Finalist – Milking The Milky Way – Shawn Mitchell

The 19th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Contest has selected 48 finalists from over 800. The impressive batch of 48 finalists will now wait with great suspense as the votes are being tallied.

If you’d like to see these photos click: Finalist Gallery and you can see all the finalists and their submissions. The winner of this year’s photography contest will be recognized at Banff Film Festival!

Pictures say so many things, these photos tell you about the people of Boone, North Carolina and the vast nature that surrounds them. Taken by professional as well as recreational photographers, each one has captured something special about the High Country. 

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The awards will be presented on Sat. April 2 at the Turchin Center as a part of the Banff Film Festival weekend. 

Finalist – Winter Wonderland – Mary Presson Roberts
Finalist – Tiny Seed – Med Elizabeth Ward
Finalist – The Color of Summer – Rhonda Kingen
Finalist – Sequoyah Nuclear Plant – Hannah Clark
Finalist – Hiking Through Blue Ridge Tunnel – Patricia Temples