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LETTERS / Fanatical Political Activism of “Pam’s Picks”

Dear Editor,

Webster’s defines a demagogue as “ one who tries to stir up people’s emotions so as to gain power”.  There is no better example of demagoguery  than Pam Williamson as evidenced by her years of fanatical political activism and  the comments recently posted on her web site along with “Pam’s Picks” (a virtual instruction book for voters she apparently believes, or hopes, are too stupid or ill- informed to make their own decisions.  Pam’s comments reinforce her public image as a mean spirited, pseudo-intellectual, political hack who uses character assassination and unsubstantiated charges  (bordering on slander) to attack her enemies.   

 Pam seemingly harbors a deep resentment or even hatred of any who are not of her political persuasion or who have succeeded beyond what she considers to be an acceptable financial threshold.   There appears to be an element of self-loathing behind her attacks, perhaps due in part to the fact that her only claim to fame is the ability to distort the electoral process by manipulating people and creating discord.  She appears to have devoted her life to recruiting well- meaning but unsuspecting foot soldiers to support her personal choices for political office and attack other candidates and their supporters. 

 For those who already question Pam’s warped vision of democracy, her latest ramblings and distortions should remove all doubt.  Her recent posting was a sophomoric attempt to smear many of the candidates she opposes.  In the process, she couldn’t resist the urge to attack a registered independent, non-candidate by referring to me as Boone’s “mega developer” and “Boss Hogg”.  ( If one chooses to stoop to Pam’s level one would refer to her as “Pam McNasty”.   While “Miss Piggy” might be another appropriate label, that would be an unfair insult to pigs everywhere)

 I have always been appreciative of the business opportunities I have been afforded by the citizens of Boone and I am not ashamed of the businesses and commercial development I and others have risked financial loss to provide.  To the contrary, I am proud that I and others have been recognized for our efforts by having received the Alfred Adams Community Development Award presented each year by the Chamber of Commerce for exceptional development.  The thought of honoring developers is more than Pam’s twisted philosophy of life can tolerate and undoubtedly causes her severe anxiety and heartburn.

 Despite all the good that Pam could accomplish if her efforts were directed to promoting  cooperation between political factions, she and her disciples have done and continue to do irreparable harm to the democratic process and to the harmony of our town and county.

 Understandably, her words and deeds are a constant embarrassment to many fine people who belong to the political party Pam strives to hijack.  I hope all citizens will vote for the candidates of their choice and suggest to Pam that she take a good laxative to relieve the heartburn and irrational hatred which seem to cause her so much discomfort.


Phil Templeton