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LETTERS / Reluctant to Wish Unemployment On Their Enemies

Dear Editor,

Seeing the current ads for the “fire the President” campaign, they provides a good indicator of who the President’s opponents are. Besides disrespecting the office of the presidency, they are an insult to every working American. No one who is or has been unemployed and has pounded the pavement, revised & revised their resume or got a pink slip telling them they are fired, would use such advertising. Anyone who has experienced the pain, humiliation, embarrassment and frustration of being unable to get or keep a job in America, should question the motivations of those who use such ads. Those of us who “have been there” would hesitate to wish unemployment on their enemies because they know how it feels. Anyone who is working or who has “retired” from their salaried jobs, should think very carefully about the character of the President’s opponents. Allow yourself to think about how many hungry men these wealthy politicians would feed, to say nothing of how many poor people they would teach how to fish. 


Sheldon Hanft

Boone, NC 28607