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30-Degree Temperature Swing This Weekend, Low Temps To Drop Into 40s on Saturday

By Jesse Wood

It’s about time to pull the jackets out of the closet because a 30-degree temperature swing is forecasted between Friday and Sunday.

RaysWeather.com is forecasting a high of 75 on Friday and a low of 45 on Sunday. In fact, temperatures will dip into the 40s on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which is as far out as the forecast looks today.

RaysWeather.com notes two fronts coming out way through the weekend. The second of which is bring chillier air.

“The second front moves through late Saturday with another round of scattered showers and thundershowers. The second front is packing MUCH cooler air leading to a fallish Sunday and Monday. Check out 40s for lows early next week!,” according to RaysWeather.com.

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