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Boil Water Advisory for the Town of Boone

From Ricky L. Miller, the director of Public Works for the Town of Boone.

At approximately 3:00 am this morning the Town of Boone experienced a water main break along King Street in the vicinity of Earthfare. Currently, the highway has one traffic

lane closed but it is anticipated to be reopened by 3:00 pm. Due to this break, a water

system pressure loss occurred throughout the entire Town and due to this, a Boil Water

Advisory is issued to the Town customers. We are advising all water consumers to boil all

water used for human consumption (including drinking, making ice, brushing teeth,

washing dishes and food preparation) or use bottled water. Vigorous boiling for one (1)

minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water. This

office is strongly urging the water consumers to conserve water whenever possible. This

advisory remains in effect until further written notification is issued.

Water Customers may experience some “banging” in the pipes when water service is

restored. This is due to air that has entered the pipes. It is no cause for alarm. Also, the

water may appear cloudy. This is also caused by air in the pipes. What you see are

many tiny air bubbles. This discoloration should clear up after the water runs for

a few minutes.

Public Works will issue an update on Thursday. Please share this information with family, friends and neighbors.