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Final Results: Democrats Sweep Watauga County Elections; Ray Russell Wins NC House Seat

Democrats gathered at Ransom’s in Downtown Boone after final election results were tallied Tuesday night to celebrate their sweep of Watauga elections.
Ray Russell was all smiles after winning his contest against Johnathan Jordan for the NC House District 93 seat by 18,522 to 17,068 votes.
The Ray Russell campaign staff celebrate their election victory at Ransom Tuesday night.
Watauga County Commission incumbents Billy Kennedy (right) and Larry Turnbow (left) and challenger Charlie Wallin (center) poised for a picture after the final results came in at the courthouse annex.


It was a big night for Democrats in Watauga County. All three commissioner seats, the sheriff’s race, both the N.C. Senate and N.C. House Race as well as the U.S. House of Representative Race all went in favor of the Democrats on Tuesday night. 

A total of 24,381 votes were cast. 

Election totals are below. Check back on Wednesday for precinct by precinct vote totals. 

7:30 p.m. update: Early voting and absentee totals are in.

9:00 p.m. update: 10 precincts have not reported, including Boone 2 and Boone 3.

9:10 p.m. update: 3 precincts have not reported. All constitutional amendments are currently losing in North Carolina except for the victim’s rights amendment. 

9:30 p.m. update: Only 1 precinct has not reported. 

9:45 p.m. update: All precincts reporting. 24,381 votes were cast. Five of the six amendments on the ballot failed to pass in Watauga County. All results are unofficial. 

Compiled by Nathan Ham


US House of Representatives District 5

Note: These are only Watauga results and do not determine the winner.

  Virginia Foxx (R) DD Adams (D)
TOTAL 10,580 13,566

District Results:

  • Virginia Foxx: 43.8 percent
  • DD Adams: 56.2 percent

NC State Senate District 45

Note: These are only Watauga results and do not determine the winner. 

  Wes Luther (D) Deanna Ballard (R)
TOTAL 12,659 11,275

District Results:

  • Wes Luther: 52.9 percent
  • Deanna Ballard: 47.1 percent

NC House of Representatives District 93

Note: These are only Watauga results and do not determine the winner. 

  Jonathan C. Jordan (R) Ray Russell (D)
TOTAL 9,979 14,033

District Results:

  • Jonathan C. Jordan: 41.6 percent
  • Ray Russell: 58.4 percent

District Attorney District 35

Note: These are only Watauga results and do not determine the winner. 

  Seth Banks (R)
TOTAL 17,373


  • Seth Banks: 100 percent

Board of Commissioners District 3 

  Tim Hodges (R) Billy Kennedy (D)
TOTAL 10,958 12,833


  • Tim Hodges: 46.1 percent
  • Billy Kennedy: 53.9 percent

Board of Commissioners District 4 

  Larry Turnbow (D) David Blust (R)
TOTAL 13,137 10,670


  • Larry Turnbow: 55.2 percent
  • David Blust: 44.8 percent

Board of Commissioners District 5 

  Tommy Sofield (R) Charlie Wallin (D)
TOTAL 10,921 12,729


  • Tommy Sofield: 46.2 percent
  • Charlie Wallin: 53.8 percent

Clerk of Superior Count 

  Travis Critcher (R) Diane Cornett Deal (D)
TOTAL 8,739 15,222

     • Travis Critcher: 36.5 percent

  • Diane Cornett Deal: 63.5 percent


  Len Hagaman (D) David Searcy (R)
TOTAL 13,834 10,147


  • Len Hagaman: 57.7 percent
  • David Searcy: 42.3 percent

Board of Education  – 3 Seats Open

  Jay Fenwick Danny Watts Gary L. Childers Steve Combs Jason K. Cornett
TOTAL 11,146 5,177 13,659 10,120 9,886


  • Jay Fenwick: 22.3 percent
  • Danny Watts: 10.4 percent
  • Gary L. Childers: 27.3 percent
  • Steve Combs: 20.2 percent
  • Jason K. Cornett: 19.8 percent


Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor


Chris Hughes Bill Moretz Joey Clawson
8,579 12,242 6,930

Chris Hughes: 30.9 percent

Bill Moretz: 44.1 percent

Joey Clawson: 25.0 percent