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Elk Park 19-Year-Old, Juvenile Arrested for Vehicle Thefts, Break-Ins in Spruce Pine, Spear Community

May 6, 2013. On May 4, deputies with the Avery County Sheriff’s Office were notified of a break-in at a store in the Spear community of Avery County.


Items stolen included some $1 coins and $2 bills. Later in the day, investigators with the Avery County Sheriff’s Office were notified of an arrest by deputies with the Carter County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee where two young men were arrested in possession of a truck reported stolen in Spruce Pine.

One of the two passed some $2 bills and a $1 coin at an auto parts store in Roan Mountain. Investigators later located stolen property from the earlier reported break-in at one of the suspect’s residence. 

Investigators with the Avery County Sheriff’s Office also met with the victim of a motor vehicle larceny in Elk Park.  The motor vehicle, a 1996 Cadillac, was recovered but had heavy damage. 

Later one of the two suspects admitted the theft of the truck in Spruce Pine and the Cadillac in Elk Park and the break-in at the store in the Spear Community. 

The suspect also gave information about a break-in that had not been reported to the Avery County Sheriff’s Office. 

Tyler Cook, 19, of Elk Park and a male juvenile are in custody in Tennessee on charges relating to possession of stolen property. 

Charges are pending in Avery County on the two break-ins, a motor vehicle theft and damage to property charges. The town of Spruce Pine is also investigating the theft of the truck from their victim.