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LETTERS / We’re Told American Freedoms Were Removed to Defeat Terrorists

Dear Editor,

“If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy

The Empire has become the world’s biggest terrorist-producing machine. The more people it kills there, the more the numbers who wish to retaliate grow. The pro-empire advocates say, “We’re killing them there before they come over here and kill us.” they’re coming to kill us because the Empire went there, killing them. Americans don’t realize Empire comes with costs, including the constant threat of terrorist retaliation. The Empire keeps doing what they’ve been doing expecting different results. What will it take to confront the evil and immoral interventionist policies of ‘our government’ that have encouraged the greatest terrorist producing machine in history?

America’s national-security establishment uses the threats that its own polices have created to suspend your liberties in the name of keeping you ‘safe’. American officials now wield totalitarian powers like military arrest of citizens and their indefinite military detention, torture, and assassination, all without due legal process and jury trial.

Western mythology, built on the idea of imperial prerogatives, asks what ‘we’ must do about the problems of other people/countries; an approach which has no basis in international law or human rights.
“7 countries in 5 years”; this wide open confession came straight from General Clark who openly revealed the Empire’s plan to invade 7 Middle Eastern countries using the war on terror lies.

We’re all France, although for some reason we’re never all Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, or a long list of additional places. Some people are murdered in a Western area, and suddenly sympathy overflows. The majority of war deaths are civilian. Those civilians aren’t hard to sympathize with once superficial barriers are overcome. Yet, ‘our free press’ never seems to declare Palestinian or Pakistani deaths to be equally monstrous.

When there’s an attack in America like the one in Paris with hundreds dead, ‘consumers’ will jump on any scapegoat offered. ‘Our’ government will easily rally our bloodthirsty, naive public into eliminating what’s left of civil liberties covering the nation in total tyranny. The key to their success isn’t that they promise security from terrorists, but rather they offer struggling Americans a chance to focus their anger externally.

You don’t see American Christians praying for victims of the Empire’s wars. The Empire has become one big idol that can do no wrong. As long as the Empire meddles in the Middle East, there’s going to be terrorist retaliation. We’re told we aren’t to blame for the terrorism directed against us ignoring that terrorists come from places we’re attacking.

We’re told American freedoms were removed to defeat terrorists. Several thousand soldiers in Iraq, and thousands more in Afghanistan, died thinking it was to defend freedom. What did they die for? We killed tens of thousands or more in those countries. It didn’t work. We went to war in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and only created more failed states that provide havens for terrorists and spilled terror across borders.

American foreign policy is aimed at those who refuse to submit and become extensions of the Empire, and the banking, oil and weapons companies that dominate it: He who decides on the basis of his country’s interests is unacceptable to the Empire. The CIA has a history of overthrowing governments which is about catering to powerful business interests in places like Iran (British Petroleum), Guatemala (United Fruit), and Chile (ITT Corporation). The late Michael Rupert said: “The CIA is Wall Street, and Wall Street is the CIA.”

False flag terrorism creates an enemy where none previously existed. Despite the historical evidence, when it looks like the newest tragedy might have been engineered it’s forbidden to suggest the possibility. Mass murder is fine as long we’re the ones doing the killing and easier when those you’re killing are presented as less human, like the village we destroyed in Vietnam, to save it, famously quoted as such on national TV at the time. In 14 years the Empire has destroyed several countries, killed millions, and displaced millions more who are overrunning Europe.

Since 1945 more than a third of the UN’s members have suffered at the hands of America’s modern fascism. They’ve been invaded, popular movements suppressed, governments overthrown, elections subverted, people bombed and their economies stripped of protection, their societies subjected to a crippling siege known as “sanctions”. The death toll is in the millions. Every time a big lie was used.

The left/right spread distrust and division: You can’t escape it. We’re fed a constant diet of fear; of terrorists, of immigrants, of people who are too religious, or aren’t religious enough, fear of Muslims, fear of extremists, fear of those who fear the government. The strategy is simple yet effective: the best way to control a populace is through fear, division and conflict, but you believe what the TV tells you.

Typically the Empire/Israel accuses its intended victim of aggression. The Empire and its agents say that the existing government isn’t doing the ‘right’ thing, which the ‘superior’ people know that it ought to be doing, which, coincidentally, will boost the wealth of the rich, and this wealth will then trickle down to you.

America gave us the Nuremberg war crimes standards but claims immunity. Beyond a few low-level soldiers and a CIA whistleblower who spoke publicly about the agency’s torture agenda, no one has been prosecuted for American war crimes. Obama acknowledged that “we tortured some folks,” claiming American exceptionalism saying: “It’s important for us not to feel too sanctimonious in retrospect about the tough job that those folks had”, referring to the CIA’s torturers.

Politicians who declare war on “international terrorism” are fools. Terrorism is a method of operation used by oppressed peoples, including the Resistance to the Nazis in WW II. Terrorism is the weapon of the weak that have no atom bombs, like the ones dropped on Japan, which terrorized the Japanese into surrender.

Why would terrorists attack ordinary innocents who have no awareness of “their” government’s actions or control over them? This might lead you to suspect things aren’t as they seem, like the video of a Charlie Hebdo terrorist shooting someone in the head, pointblank, creating no blood splatter.

It’s a strange game; the only winning move is not to play. 248 armed conflicts after ww2 and America started 201 killing 30 million so far. Three quarters of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in America. That discontent hasn’t created any major changes in government, nor has it caused ‘consumers’ to get any more involved in their government beyond their ritualistic ‘vote’.

Neither ‘party” wants to address why there’s anti-American terrorism which is blowback for all the death and destruction that America’s national security state brought the world, including the unconditional support of Israel’s crimes, partnerships with dictatorial regimes, and more. The Empire’s actions produce enemies, which are used as the excuse for maintaining their totalitarian-grip over citizens, in the name of protecting ‘national security’ and ‘keeping us safe’ from the enemies they’ve produced.

We’re appalled seeing a serial killer talking cold-bloodedly about the people he murdered but listen politely when politicians talk about the need for “regime change” in a country whose leadership they dislike. Many Americans accept that it’s ok for a ‘majority’ to take our property, tell us what we can and can’t do, while telling our kids that might doesn’t make right.

Many people have already figured out that the ever-present “terror threat” is mostly created. The “enemies of freedom” are created by powerful men who want to sell weapons and control more countries. This is how we got Al-Qaeda as the all-purpose terror threat that was accused of bringing down three World Trade Center buildings, and how we have ISIS, an enemy the Empire created, are funding and also claim to be fighting, or were before Russia stepped in and fulfilled the prophecy of Edgar Cayce, who once predicted Russia would be the hope of the world, as it now seems to be.

Does ‘our free press’ do your thinking because you scan a story in the mainstream media?

The CIA, under Reagan, created Alquida to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. You’re being played for a fool.

America refuses to understand that it should mind its own business and stay out of other nations’ affairs. We’re fighting the consequences of our national actions. “As you sow so shall you reap?”

Craig Dudley