Letters / Gratitude Expressed To Boone for Protecting Interests of Residents in Raceway Dispute

Published Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 5:04 pm

To the Editor,

The Town of Boone put the brakes on the illegal operation of Mountain View Speedway in the Town of Boone Board of Adjustments hearing Monday night.  Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL) and its local chapter, Watauga Citizens for Local Control (WC4LC), express our gratitude to the Town of Boone for considering the indisputable evidence presented by our attorney, Paul Capua, and ultimately reaching the conclusion that Mountain View Speedway is unlawfully operating.  Furthermore, the Town of Boone has committed to legal action to stop the continuance of this racetrack.

When WC4CL initiated this appeal, its sole objective was to reverse the Speedway’s contention that the Town had legally approved automobile racing at the High Country Fairgrounds as reflected in a series of informal e-mails.  This appeal before the Board of Adjustments set in motion events that would ultimately lead to the Town of Boone enjoining Mountain View Speedway as the speedway had illegally initiated operations without a proper permit and without Town approval.

Through this proceeding, after WC4LC presented much of its case and arguments, the Town — to its credit — protected the interests of its residents.  It is now committed to permanently enjoining the Speedway, which is the very relief appellants sought.

This has been a long arduous process but ultimately justice was served.  This is a testimony to how grassroots organizations such as BREDL empower a community to encourage local government to enforce local ordinances and to protect the quality of life for its residents.


Annette Reeves, WC4LC

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