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LETTERS / Closing Arguments of the Asphalt Plant Permit Revocation Will Happen February 10

Dear Editor,

Closing arguments in  Maymead vs Watauga County in the appeal of the asphalt plant permit revocation will happen February 10 at 4:00 p.m.  in the County Administration building on King St. in Boone.  The Board of Adjustments will then deliberate and decide whether that permit revocation will stand.  If you EVER had any feelings on this issue and still oppose two unneeded new polluting industries in totally inappropriate locations, this is the time to show up.

Testimony was completed this past Tuesday, and the “public comment” period was held at the end of that session.  Unfortunately, even though in the past 8 days of hearings various counsel had introduced many irrelevant points, the decision had been made to limit comment to “first hand knowledge of the permit revocation”.

 Speakers were not allowed to point out errors in testimony or even refer to testimony that had been given.  Information that could have helped the board members make their decision was summarily dismissed.  Democracy was not served.  I have no problem with not allowing opinions to be introduced, but when facts important to a decision are not allowed in the light, we all suffer.  Please put the date on your calendar:  February 10, 4:00 p.m.

David Sengel