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LETTERS / Nine Months of Fighting Two Asphalt Plants

Dear Editor,

After nine months of fighting two asphalt plants that are proposed for totally inappropriate locations in Watauga,  I’ll bet you thought that fight was over.

Not even close.  Hearings about the Maymead permit resume Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. and will continue for even more sessions.  The Rainbow Trail permit is being appealed to Superior Court.

If you have attended any of the hearings (at the county administration building on King ST), you know how long and boring they can be. I would urge you to pay attention and come to the last one, whenever it is, probably in the next week or two.  Having a good turnout when the Board of Adjustments is making its findings will be important. Stay  informed at www.highcountrywatch.com .

David Sengel