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LETTERS / What Truthful Analysis or Reporting Do You See on Important Subjects?

Dear Editor,

Corporations and governments only do two things relatively well: lying and stealing. One enables the other since ‘consumers’ don’t search for truth, but reassurance that their beliefs are true. Many blindly accept the ‘official’ tale ignoring conflicting actions and statements by political and financial ‘leaders’. ‘Our free press’ decides what’s true.

Trump is popular because he rejects the media’s ‘authority’, breaks their commandments, and mocks their disapproval: The United States of Selective Amnesia. The mainstream media doesn’t report objective truth, but churns on about endless rainbows, unicorns, like, America is the greatest and Putin is evil.

Newsface Brian Williams was caught lying. NBC defended him pointing to his favorable coverage of the military, saying: “He has been the strongest supporter of the military of any of the news players. He never comes back with negative stories, he wouldn’t question if we’re spending too much.” Our “official” journalists aren’t embarrassed by such “compliments”. Had he been caught telling truths, he would have been ruined for life.

What truthful analysis or reporting do you see on important subjects? The primary function of ‘our free press’ is to present elaborate theater to distract ‘consumers’ from the real world around them. Talking heads serve mindless banter about Kardashians, Twitters and gender “engineering”. Americans, ignorant about how the world really works and the powers in control, have imaginary geopolitical conversations.

The Ministry of Propaganda has a new Commissar: Andrew Lack recently became CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees our government-supported international news media such as Voice of America and other similar programs. In a New York Times interview, Mr. Lack allowed the following to escape: “We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram”.  This former president of NBC News equates RT with two dreadful groups. Media executives wonder why their audience choose other media, like, for example, RT, as if ‘our free press’ doesn’t have a point of view.

‘Consumers’ are given distractions to focus on. The illusions for focus can be a person, an idea, an institution, a group, to misinform you, to hide reality, and to confuse. Once ‘consumers’ accept the target as important they enable their own manipulation from repetition, race-based division, lies, subliminal suggestion, political/governmental authoritative stage shows: all designed as distraction so that you don’t ask: what’s ‘our government’ doing?

Cuba is one example of our doublespeak: “The trade embargo can be fully lifted only through legislation, unless Cuba forms a democracy, in which case the president can lift it.”  So the problem according to ‘our free press’: Cuba isn’t a democracy which explains why the Empire supports Saudi Arabia, Honduras, Guatemala, Egypt and other notable democracies. Some call Cuba’s actions dictatorship, but others call it self-defense. What does Cuba do, or not, that makes it a dictatorship?

Is the standard, ‘our free press’? If Cubans could own any ‘free press’ how long before secret, unlimited CIA money, financing all kinds of nefarious deeds, would control almost all the media as is the case here in the Empire?

Perhaps Cuba needs ‘free elections’. They have regular elections at all levels. They don’t have direct election of the president, but neither do Britain and many other countries. Money isn’t important in their elections: candidates run as individuals. Perhaps the problem with Cuban elections is that they don’t have the powerful buying their elections like in America.

A thinking American might find it difficult to imagine what a free, democratic election, without great concentrations of corporate money, would look like. Would a third party be able to get on all 50 state ballots, participate in national TV debates, and be able to match the ‘two parties’ in advertising? He’d probably win which is why it doesn’t happen.

Nightmarish conditions have certainly been documented in Cuba. Whistleblowers have described “sexual abuse and torture by medical personnel, brutal beatings, fear, and retribution; torturous shackling, positional torture”, kangaroo courts, and more, in Guantanamo Bay, by Americans, on people kidnapped and held indefinitely without charges.

Is Cuba a problem because it arrests dissidents? Thousands of protesters have been arrested in America in every period in American history. During the Occupy Movement more than 7,000 people were arrested, beaten and mistreated by police.

‘Consumers’ are mostly unaware of the fictions which keep them ignorant and pacified. ‘Our free press’ should pursue politicians, the judicial system, banks, and such, challenging their twisted words and actions when they act against our countries health, founding principles, and personal liberty.

The two ‘sides’ regularly tell the same lies about ‘burning issues’ and the ‘news’ acts like it’s something new, succeeding because ‘consumers’ accept this ignorance.  How many times have you heard: “If that was true I would have seen it on the news?” Propaganda becomes “any news coming from your opponent”.

Russia is the aggressor because, defending its own interests, it’s acted against the interests of the Empire. Saudi Arabia’s unprovoked war in Yemen isn’t aggression because it’s the Empire’s friend. The media’s obedience to the Empire’s hypocrisy couldn’t be clearer. Russia is an ‘aggressor’ while Saudi Arabia is a ‘defender’. The Empire merely supported ‘democratic forces’ in Ukraine. Assad must go, but our tyrants must stay. Legitimacy/illegitimacy is given by the Empire based on its interests, without objective facts.

The Empire’s storyline is shaped by those who look to further their own agendas. They’re the Ministry of Truth. Thought-criminals who question ‘official’ stories are dangerous subversives. Truth-tellers and whistleblowers are called “domestic extremists,” “terrorists,” and are watched. Those who question the ‘official stories’ have consistently been on the right side of history, from Vietnam to Syria, and Yemen. In 2003 we discovered ‘freedom fries’ when France opposed our Iraq invasion. Now France is praised after the Paris attacks which were one result of that Iraqi invasion.

Society needs whistleblowers. They’re often the only thing that stands between unchecked ‘official’ greed and the otherwise clueless masses.

The media doesn’t discuss their power and performance. It’s ironic since ‘our free press’ define themselves as watchdogs over the powerful. “The Daily Show” became a hit for this reason. People wanted to see large media corporations exposed for their hypocrisy on things like the Iraq Wars, climate change, white-collar crime, racism and their total refusal to admit their close relationships to corporate and political power.

The Soviet Unions activities have been fully documented. The Empire’s crimes in the same period, and since, aren’t acknowledged. America’s crimes have been systematic, constant, vicious, but few ‘consumers’ accept them. America, masquerading as a force for universal good, is a brilliantly successful act enabled by ‘our free press’. While it was happening, it wasn’t.

A terror drill in Boston went live and closed an entire metropolitan area while ‘our’ police state searched for two accused patsies, killing one and slitting the other’s throat so he couldn’t talk. The police were praised for killing and capturing those declared guilty, without trial, by ‘our free press’ in this foul example of false flag vigilante justice.

Expect no truth from government or major media. ‘Consumers’ are undereducated, unaware, and accept any outrageous story. “Refugees are fleeing the brutal Assad” as ISIS cuts off heads and commits the most horrible atrocities. Why didn’t those refugees flee before ISIS? Assad’s to blame because he doesn’t give up and turn Syria over to the Empire’s ISIS henchmen.

Millions of people are deserting mainstream news. They see no reason to support a process that panders to lunatics. Michael Deaver, a top aide to Ronald Reagan, said about the press: “The media I’ve had a lot to do with is lazy. We fed them and they ate it every day.”

America’s 20 wealthiest people own more wealth than the rest of us combined. How much political power might those twenty, and their friends, actually have, compared to the ‘other half’; democracy?

Craig Dudley