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Motorists Encounter Black Ice on Friday Morning, Temps To Drop Again Sunday Again

Black ice contributed to some wrecks across the High Country on Friday morning. Photo by Jeff Templeton

By Jesse Wood

Glazes of ice were catalysts in some early morning wrecks, such as this one depicted on Deck Hill Road, on Friday.

The National Weather Service sent out an alert on Friday morning that “periods of rain … [and] pockets of below freezing temperatures” could create freezing rain and cause ice to glaze the roadways.

By mid-morning, the threat of ice and freezing rain ended with temperatures in the mid-40s.

Looking ahead, Saturday seems to have similar weather of today – a rainy day in the mid-40s, according to RaysWeather.com.

The temperatures will hit the teens on Sunday – a low of 17 is expected – with possible snow showers and flurries. Monday and Tuesday look similar. Monday is chilly and sunny, while Tuesday is chilly with snow showers and flurries possible.

Hopefully, the rain today and tomorrow doesn’t wash away too much of the snow that the local ski resorts were able to make in the previous week. But if it does, the low temps forecasted in the teens for the following week should allow for the resorts to fire up their snow guns.