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12th Annual Watauga Education Foundation ‘Shooting Stars’ Talent Show Held At Farthing Auditorium April 20

By Paul T. Choate

Also, check out our photo gallery from the second night of rehearsals on Wednesday, April 18.

April 17, 2012. On Friday, April 20, starting at 6:30 p.m., the Watauga Education Foundation will hold the 12th annual Shooting Stars talent show in Farthing Auditorium at Appalachian State University. Tickets for the event are $10 and donations are accepted.

Shooting Stars is a fundraiser for the foundation that will allow it to fund classroom grants in the amount of $20,000. It also funds teacher scholarships so they can further their education or be able to attend workshops and classes.

“It is our premiere event. It is a program that we love for so many reasons,” said Alison Idol, president of the Watauga Education Foundation. “I think the number one reason that it’s so important for us is because we try to have representatives from each community on our board of directors. We try to represent each community as best we can.”

Rehearsals begin this evening at 5:30 p.m. and will continue at that time through Thursday at Farthing Auditorium. Rehearsals are closed to the public.

The show will include visual art and performing arts including dance, vocals, instrumentals, comedy and much more. According to Tricia Hall, producer of Shooting Stars, there will also be two “opening acts” this year. Students of Appalachian Rhythm Clogging and Dance and Studio K Dance Workshop will join together to open Act 1. The dance was choreographed and directed by Ashley Cook and Elise Sigmon of Appalachian Rhythm and Catharine Milner of Studio K. The Presbyterian-Methodist Children’s Choir, directed by Dottie Sykes, will open Act 2 (see below for lineups of opening acts one and two).

Student group "Fanny Pack"

Each year hundreds of students from all nine Watauga County schools audition for a chance. Hall said this year 76 acts auditioned for their chance to be in the spotlight and 27 acts were selected for the show. There were also 48 visual artists selected for the show (see below for lineups of all the acts and the list of visual artists). All performing and visual artists were selected by a panel of judges.

“This is the only event that we know of that brings students, their families, their teachers and their community of supporters and sponsors all together under one big roof to celebrate the arts and these talented, wonderful kids,” said Idol.

According to Idol, approximately 800 people are expected to be in attendance for the show.

John Carter, a news anchor on WBTV in Charlotte and ASU alumnus, will return as emcee this year.

This year’s installment of Shooting Stars is sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Since 1989, the Watauga Education Foundation has raised and distributed more than $1 million, mostly through cross-circular grants.

Funds raised also contribute to having Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library’s presence in the High Country.

For more information, call 828-268-1273 or visit wataugaeducationfoundation.org.

To purchase tickets, call the Farthing Auditorium Box Office at 828-262-4046.

Lineup for Appalachian Rhythm
(Schools represented: Blowing Rock, Cove Creek, Green Valley, Hardin Park and Parkway)

Addie Hall
Leah Himmelman
Kaitlin Cook
Darcy Carson
Kylah Jackson
Rebekah Cook
Chynna Birkmire
Addison Birkmire
Amanda Salmi
Katie Hanna
Joanne Hughes
Grace Horine
Laura Tomblin
Faith Ann Henson
Jessie King
Faith  Trivette
Corinne Giles
Mecca Sackrider
Madisyn Spink

Lineup for Studio K
(Schools represented: Blowing Rock, Cove Creek, Green Valley, Hardin Park, Parkway and Valle Crucis)

Emma Harkins
Emma Carder
Olivia Handley
Carolina Conway
Sara Fran Greene
Allison Quinn
Cami Hastings
Savannah  Spencer
Riley Fowler
Emma Pinnix
Emma Kate Sevensky
Hattie Rose Greene
Caitlin Sanders
Haylee Barker
Kaycee Wilson
Peyton Walton
Kati Mac Greene
Alison Cook

Shooting Stars 2012 performing artists

America the Beautiful Jaidyn Toomey
Two Sisters Alina Kosmala
  Doria Kosmala
Max the Magician Max Midgett
Fanny Pack Isabella Cutillo
  Olivia Michael
  Elaine Mansure
  Kylie Dolbier
  Lily Cavanaugh
  Mary Margaret Zrul
  Antonia Scherlen
A Friend’s Lighthouse Sarah McGuire
Party Rock Anthem Faith Ann Henson
A Fiddle Tune Ilias Figlow
This Little Light of Mine Savannah Spencer
  Riley Fowler
  Emma Pinnix
  Marisa Romanat
  Emma Kate Sevensky
  Hattie Rose Greene
  Caitlin Sanders
  Haylee Barker
  Kaycee Wilson
  Peyton Walton
  Kati Mac Greene
  Alison Cook
Soul Shine Renee Taylor
  Jake Helms
Joy of Drums Demi Wang
  Belinda Wang
Butterfly Fly Away Kati Mac Greene
Paquita Isabella Cutillo
Abbott and Costello Max Schlenker
  Cole Funk
Celtic Twilight Mallory Coston
  Emily Berry
  Addi Berry
  Lily Lipford
  ACT 2  
Shake it Up Abigail Marlett
  Gretchen Turbyfill
  Cassidy Johnson
  Chelsi Hodges
  Allison Turbyfill
  Hailey Lawson
  Hannah Saunders
  Macie Keller
  Marley Forrester
  Delia Forrester
  Victoria Orpen
  Abigail Utter
Vienna for a Friend Erin Sena
Gabriel’s Oboe Kasey Stokes
The Upside Vanessa Sautley
  MacKenzie Bradley
The Great Charlie Charlie Hartman
  Aurihana Toms
  Sehren Toms
Poor Wayfaring Stranger Samantha Reese
The Little Soloist Henryk Kosmala
Wishing you were Somehow Here Lucy Edy
Yo-Yoing Aiden Bound
God’s Girls Bailey Cook
  Allison Cook
  Bailey Keller
  Abby Keller
  Lydia Rothrock
  Elyse Burgess
  Angela Henderson
  Sarah Grace Shellman
  Anna Shellman
  Lauren Hunsinger
  Hattie Rose Greene
All Your Life Eliza Eason
Rockin’ in the Free World Ruby Pond
  Ryder Pond

Shooting Stars 2012 visual artists

  ACT 1  
Segment 1
Anders Coffey “Anders Obsession” VC / 2
Jesus Morales “Shooting Stars Graffitti” WHS / 12
Hunter Harmon “Hunter’s Barn” VC / 3
Grace Oh “Stitched Landscape” CC / 4
Michael Walker “The Amphitheater” BR / 4
Alicia Wood “Alicia’s Face” GV / 8
Garrison Lawrence “Fairy Land” HP / 2
Ashley Medina “Sunshine” PW / 1
Sarah Medina “The Creation” PW / 4
Zachary Oakes “Isometric Wonderland” WHS / 11
James Furman “The Red” PW / 7
Lydia Rothrock “Bumble Bee” HP / 2
  ACT 1  
Segment 2
Yoo-Jin Oh “Dreaming Tree” CC / 7
Elsie Saltman “Beautiful Butterfly” Mabel / 2
Brandon Holshouser “Dinner Time” PW / 6
Noah Padgett “Homeland” WHS / 10
Sarah Snyder “Van Gogh’s Swirls” Bethel / 4
Sara Toub “The Pond” HP / 4
Taylor Nelsen “Anders” WHS / 12
Timothy Rushin “The Rushin Castle” VC / 4
Brandon Mast “Lurking” WHS / 12
Rebecca Vamvaketis “Happy Clown” WHS / 12
Josie Gagnon “Dinosaurs Near and Far” VC / 3
Samantha Reese “The Fish” Bethel / 5
  ACT 2  
Segment 3
Kiera Symmes “City” PW / 6
Madison Miller “Leaves of the Flower” GV / 5
Andie Waugh “A German (Sheppard) In Ireland” HP / 4
Kauner Michael “Stop This Train” WHS / 9
Bailey Younce “Stripe-A-Saurus” Bethel / 2
Sara Bartlett “Eternal Happiness” WHS / 12
William Nelsen “William’s Dream” VC / 6
Joe Bingham “Patches the Whale” CC / 2
Wyatt Landholm “Monstrous Sketch” Mabel / 6
Olivia Phillips “Prey Of The Night” Bethel / 8
Kelsey Hayes “Curls” CC / 8
Peyton Walton “I Love Ice Cream!” GV / 2
  ACT 2  
Segment 4
Kaitelyn Carson “The Clarinet Player” WHS / 12
Heather Ostwalt “Golden Goal” BR / 8
Amanda Salmi “No One Is Perfect” GV / 8
Adam Kallestad “Octopus In The Bowl” PW / 4
Hallie Lovin “Love” HP / 5
Caitlin Barrier “Sean Connery” WHS / 9
Ashlee McCann “Two Feet In The Air” WHS / 9
Caitlyn Vines “Randomness” CC / 7
Chasity Isaacs “Ant’s Eye View” Mabel / 4
Lindy Norris “Gojo” Bethel / 8
Olivia Michael “Poe” HP / 6
Delia Rhodes “Faraway Land” CC / 4