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LETTERS / The Empire is Working on Bailing Out Ukraine’s “Oligarchs”

Dear Editor,

Obama says; “Russia Is Once Again isolating itself from the International Community,” “Russian-backed separatists have continued to shoot down Ukrainian aircraft”, “Because of their actions; scores of Ukrainian civilians continue to die needlessly every day”. In America’s “news” we’re told the problem is Russia’s Putin. Why do they call the anti-fascist/Kiev separatists “pro-Russian”?

They’re dying needlessly because of their attempts to defend themselves against the Empire’s/Ukrainian attacks. The Empire is determined to put nuclear missiles ten-minutes from Moscow like Khrushchev did in Cuba in 1962, but more extreme.

The aristocrats in Ukraine are called “oligarchs”. In the Empire they’re called “Wall Street” or “the elite”, America’s aristocracy. Our “elite” families controlling “our government”, and media, get bailed out by us whenever their investments go badly like in 2008. The Empire is working on bailing out Ukraine’s “oligarchs”.

The Empire is murdering separatists in southeastern Ukraine because they aren’t Empire approved. “Our news” media know that “consumers” are stupid enough to support that murder if they call the Empire’s victims “terrorists”. This is Ukraine’s civil war, that the Empire created and is supporting, but it’s also significant in Gaza, Honduras, and elsewhere so, the problem goes quite deep.

“Our government” says it works for free, prosperous, democratic, free societies in Latin America and elsewhere. That’s absurd. “Our” military has long been the eager supporter of brutal pro-American dictatorships. “Our government” supports tyrannical regimes whose military torture, rape, and murder. The Empire teaches them how at the Pentagon’s School of the Americas

“Our government” removes democratically elected regimes that aren’t America’s puppies. The trade that’s always made is: If you’re pro-American, we will help keep you in power, train your military and provide resources which will enable you to maintain your oppressive hold on power.

If you oppose the Empire, America will do whatever’s necessary to overthrow you, and replace you with our stooge who will follow directions for our bribes.

The world makes no effort to hold America responsible for its destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine and many others or stop its murdering in countries with which it’s not at war. The world ignores America sending Israel weapons to murder aimlessly in “Israel’s” Gaza Ghetto. Americans are an uninformed, distracted people. Only fools deny that our relationship with Israel causes our war with Muslims. “Our government” arms ISIS in Syria and bombs them in Iraq.

Putin is opposing Western aggression in Ukraine, Syria and Iran: the Empire’s attempts to destabilize these countries are recent examples of a long pattern of aggression. The goal: Total destruction of traditional nations and values, to create a New World Order global dictatorship in a way that allows massive natural resource stripping by the large multinational corporations. Bush the first spoke publically about this and it’s the logical extension of the Empire’s actions.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Dempsey, preparing “official” American opinion for the upcoming war, told a group of opinion navigators, that Putin’s aggression in Ukraine is comparable to Stalin’s invasion of Poland in 1939 and that the Russian threat was global. He failed to mention Europe declared war on the Nazi’s for that Polish invasion but not the Soviets. No one asked Dempsey about the Empire’s recent history: Clinton in Serbia, Bush and Obama in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen, Obama in Ukraine, Libya and Syria.

In the Empire, enforcers of a world wide crime syndicate, we have no honest government: only bureaucrats and changing figureheads. Our self-identified Christian Nation gives evidence of few actual Christians. They refuse to stand against real evil. Perhaps they take the biblical “render unto Caesar”, to mean they’re required to be silent in the face of government crimes, or worse, believe the lies.

“Our government” is a proven serial liar, but “consumers” take TV sound bites as gospel. We wouldn’t have this mess if “our government” hadn’t invested five plus billion dollars in creating Ukraine’s troubles.

Do you imagine all the chaos in our “New American Century” happened without “our government’s” involvement?

If an individual’s morals are situational, that individual is without morals. If a nation’s laws are situational, that nation has no laws, no morals, and soon isn’t a nation.

Why would rebels, fighting Kiev fascists, shoot down a passenger plane? In false-flag operations blame is quickly assigned to “the villain” before any investigation, for a crime they didn’t commit. The people doing the blaming are often the criminal. The question is: Who benefits?

The Empire, with spy satellites everywhere, can provide proof of who did what. “Our government” won’t tell the truth and show us the evidence. Why would Russia accept responsibility for downing an aircraft when no evidence suggests such guilt? The Empire quotes “social media” while Russia has provided radar and satellite pictures with repeated calls for an independent investigation. The Empire is exploiting human tragedy for political reasons. It appears their Ukrainian stooges shot down the Malaysian jet.

In the Empire threats are part of all political process. When Hillary compares Putin with Hitler, she’s appealing to Republicans. The Empire escalates all conflicts. If America’s invasion of Iraq without a UN resolution or proof of the “WMDs” was judged by the same standards as Russia is, today, then baby Bush would be indicted by the world court, foreign investments of Wall Street would have been frozen and the export of American products banned.

The Empire, willing to risk financial disaster or nuclear war, enforces sanctions against Iran, sanctions on Russia, puts missile bases minutes away from Moscow, sends killer drones against Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, arms mercenaries in Syria, and finances Israel’s savage war crimes in Gaza.

Central America, after decades of American interference, has become a chaotic murderous inferno. Millions escape north from their “free market” induced mass poverty, gangster violence, and state terrorism

It’s okay though because the Empire is special, everything right and righteous in the world. WWIII with Russia will be a small price to pay to maintain the Empire’s international system of peace.

Craig Dudley