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LETTERS / True Believers Are Unable To See When ‘our government’ Is Wrong

Dear Editor,

The corporate media in Russia and America react to the Ukraine situation the same, with each countries media unconditionally supporting its government’s official line. Each pokes fun at the others prestitutes repeating official lines while failing to acknowledge that it’s doing what it accuses the other of doing; repeating the official national security state line.

The prestitutes automatically rallied to their government for similar reasons. One similarity is the deference to authority drilled into owners and operators of the “mainstream” press, in both countries, almost from birth. That’s the purpose of public, government schools, in both countries; to indoctrinate the children of the country an attitude of conformity, obedience, and deference to authority, which encourages the individual not to challenge the authorities.

Another reason for the unconditional support offered by the conventional press for its national-security state is that owners and publishers of middle-of-the-road newspapers know that if they fail to toe the official line, the government is likely to do bad things to them or fail to do good things for them.

By the time you leave school, that mindset is so deeply embedded that it remains with you, usually throughout your life. Some citizens are able to analyze “burning issues” in a way which enables us to see things differently from those in the “mainstream” who are still the victims of the indoctrination they received in their public schools.

True believers are unable see when “our government” is wrong. In a crisis involving a foreign country, all that they can do is wave flags, without even considering the possibility that government might be wrong. Their attitude is one of “My government, right or wrong,” and some prefer, “My government, never wrong.” Those true believers know all they care to, and nothing anyone says will change that in any way. They don’t think for themselves but do so based on what they’re told by “authorities”.

The crisis in Ukraine has American prestitutes condemning Putin and Russia, parroting the official national-security state line that the crisis has been caused by Russian expansionism, aggression, militarism, and assertiveness and that peaceful America, reluctantly, has been sucked into new hostilities.

The mainstreamers will fail to recognize the critical role that “our” national-security state has played to start the crisis. You won’t read about how “our” national-security state refused to dismantle NATO at the end of the Cold War. Or about how NATO has, in violation of American promises to Russia at the end of the Cold War, expanded its membership to include the Eastern European countries that were once part of the Warsaw Pact, or that NATO wishes to have Ukraine to become a member of NATO, which would have meant that NATO would then have jurisdiction over Russia’s longtime military bases in Crimea. You certainly won’t be shown how we spent billions to create the coup as we’ve done in so many countries.

Fear and deference to the authority of “government” guides the conventional press in Russia and America. We shouldn’t ignore the possibility of their national-security state and “our” national-security state having “assets” within the ranks of owners and publishers of their mainstream press. Don’t forget Operation Mockingbird, the CIA’s once secret program, which creates propaganda here in America.

There’s no benefit to American/your interests for intervening in the politics of Ukraine and/or Russia. There are only costs and large risks. Ukraine is none of our business so it’s none of the business of “our government” either, if they were truly representing you and me.

Russia doesn’t control Ukraine any more, or less, than “our government” controls the Mexican drug trade; this makes sanctions aggressive, stupid, and ignorant. The “government” in Kiev is a coup, having seized power violently without elections, yet Obama called them “elected”.  When a coup declares its own legitimacy, be very suspicious.  The rebels are being attacked for trying to maintain something like home rule. And the real battle is over agricultural potential and key energy routes along with the Empire’s control.

Each time a possible resolution is reached Obama immediately speaks skeptically and places the burden of proof on Russia. He also limits the time frame for action to an impossibly short “several days” and continues to treat Russia as responsible for the internal politics and occurrences in Ukraine. “Our government” is belligerent, bullying, ignorant, thoughtless, irresponsible and stupid. It’s a perfect example of irrational political power; government and its capacity continually to produce outcomes that harm the people being governed.

“News” coverage of Syria and Ukraine is as bad as it was of Iraq or worse. It’s largely the same “experts” in government and media who are pushing the same lies. The powers-that-be are desperate for a war to sidetrack the already distracted population and the prestitutes are always happy to beat the war drums loudly.

The public doesn’t recognize this weapon, having been taught we’re educated, free and so is our “press”, and so can’t imagine they’re being attacked and subdued.  “Consumers” are spoken to by those on TV as if they’re twelve. The strategy; Create “problems”, then offer “solutions”, keep public entertainment below the average grade level, keep the public busy.

Do you really see the world as “our government” and our “free press” does, where we’re constantly the victim struggling thru overwhelming corrupt opposition to win “our place in the sun”? The Empire’s propaganda barrage has overwhelmed the corporate press as thoroughly as the propaganda campaign did before the Iraq War, if not more. “Our government’s” use of “group think” now is all about blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Ukraine crisis.

A government that relies on propaganda can’t be believed about anything. Americans misinformed by a prostitute media are in no position to protect their Constitution and liberty. Misinformed, they become tyranny’s allies and their own worst enemy. When is the last time you remember an American President making a constructive proposal to avoid military action?

Craig Dudley