WNC Oasis Shriners’ Spring Ceremonial Weekend Ended Without Camel Kissing

Published Monday, June 4, 2018 at 1:47 pm

Everyone enjoyed the great weather Saturday during the parade.

Over the weekend, the rain held out and the WNC Oasis Shriners brought their Spring Ceremonial to Blowing Rock. On Friday, new members were inducted, and on Saturday, the Shriners Parade took place along Main Street. Several hundred people attended the parade on Saturday, filling the sidewalks.

The WNC Oasis Shriners is the largest group of Shriners in the world with about 5000 members. They are also the group that raises the most funds for Shriners’ hospitals.

Tracy Brown, the Executive Director of Blowing Rock TDA, said the Shriners’ visit brought an “economic boost to our community.” Blowing Rock is in close proximity to many of the members of the Oasis Shriners, making it the perfect place for them to gather.

Brown added, “We’re always happy to have them here and happy they ask us. They tell us this is one of their favorite towns because of our hospitality.”

The parade included the Lady Shriners, the famous Shriners little cars, the Oasis Clowns, the Gator Patrol, the Dune Cats, the Scooter Patrol and the Oasis Band.

After the parade, everyone went to Memorial Park where the Shriner cars and trucks were displayed and music and there was music and clowns.

Oasis Potentate Sir Johnny Burgess accepted a challenge from the Oasis Membership Team, agreeing that if the Oasis added 150 members at the Ceremonial, Burgess would kiss a camel.

The fun challenge encouraged people to join the organization and brought a crowd in to see whether or not Burgess would be kissing the camel.

With 35 new members, Burgess, sadly, did not kiss the camel. Hopefully, this challenge will become a tradition and next year we’ll get to see Burgess kiss a camel.

With such good weather after a rainy week, the parade, challenge and interactive fez-tivities made for a fun weekend for everyone that was involved.

For more information on the Oasis Shriners, visit oasisshriners.org


Photos from the parade by Ken Ketchie:







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