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Serving Others and Showing Kindness: Three Forks Baptist Association Hosting “High Country Impact” This Saturday, Sept. 11

By Sherrie Norris

If ever there’s been a time when a little extra kindness and community service is needed, it is now.

 On Saturday, Sept. 11, Three Forks Baptist Association in Boone is hosting a one-day mission blitz to impact the High Country for Jesus, said Wesley Smith, Association Director. “We are super excited about High Country Impact this year, especially since we were not able to have it last year.”

Currently 10 churches within the Three Forks Baptist Association are planning to participate in the event, either on September 11 or at a later date. 

“Church schedules are just beginning to open back up, so we know that Saturday, Sept. 11 may not work for everyone,” Smith said. “We are encouraging any and all of our churches to do some type of outreach project to their community on this day — or at some time in this year.” 

Smith said some churches are feeding first responders in their community to honor those who serve and those whose lives were lost on September 11, 2001. Others are doing handicap ramps or other home improvement projects for elderly and low income families in their community.

Additionally, a couple of churches are partnering with their local schools to do projects both inside and outside of the school buildings, Smith said. “Anything that will show our communities that we love them, but more importantly that Jesus loves them — that is what it’s all about! 

High Country Impact has expanded from an earlier associational outreach begun several years ago during which a number of teams went around Watauga County performing random acts of kindness. Many folks on the receiving end were surprised, and perhaps even skeptical, to have someone offering to take their groceries to the car, pump their gas or hand them a gift card  all for “no reason.”

However, as community outreach opportunities and needs have increased and evolved in recent years, High Country Impact stepped it up from the random acts to larger planned activities and projects — while continuing to make a difference and touching lives. 

And, it’s not just those on the receiving end who are impacted. Those who participate and give of themselves to helping others have shared in the past what a difference it has made in their lives, as well.

Three Forks Baptist Association is a regional network of Baptist churches across the High Country that exists to glorify God by serving local churches to fulfill the Great Commission and demonstrate the Great Commandment. 

The association is comprised of many churches and individuals with a wide range of talents and skills who enjoy reaching out to minister to the people of in the area, many of whom are anticipating getting out there on Saturday to help.

For more information or to volunteer your donations, time or talent to impact the area, contact the association office at 828-264-4482 or email office@3forksassoc.org.