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Descendant of Daniel Boone to Discuss His Life as a Long Hunter on September 18 at Hickory Ridge Living History Museum

On September 18 at Hickory Ridge Living History Museum in Boone, Robert Alvin Crum will do two presentations about his direct ancestor Daniel Boone. The topic of discussion is “Daniel Boone – A Long Hunter & More.”

Robert is a writer, public speaker and visual artist who tells the stories of his Boone and Bryan ancestors living in North Carolina in the eighteenth century. Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania in 1734 and arrived in North Carolina with his parents in 1751. He learned to hunt as a young boy and was such a great shot that he became a commercial hunter in North Carolina. By 1767, he moved farther up the Yadkin River to live with family and friends in what is now Wilkes County and began his long hunts into areas we now know as Kentucky and Tennessee. Boone was hunting in North Carolina for the last time in 1779 and took his hides to market in Charleston, South Carolina where he could get a higher price. The proceeds from this hunt helped him to lead his last large migration out of North Carolina in 1779.

Learn more at www.hickoryridgemuseum.com and www.robertalvincrum.com.

Robert Alvin Crum