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WHS’s 13th Annual ‘Empty Bowls’ Dinner Raises Funds For Hunger And Health Coalition March 29

By Nikka Hronis

March 25, 2014.  On Saturday, March 29, Watauga High School will host the 13th annual Empty Bowls dinner to raise money for the Hunger and Health Coalition. Patrons can purchase a uniquely designed, handmade ceramic bowl filled with locally made soup and bread for a minimum $15 donation (see menu below).  Bowls are created by students and local potters and guests may keep them as a reminder of the hunger and empty bowls in our community and the world. 

WHS students raised $8,800 at last year's Empty Bowls fundraiser
WHS students raised $8,800 at last year’s Empty Bowls fundraiser

From making bowls in class, to selling tickets and serving soup at the event, all of the volunteers at the Empty Bowls dinner are students. Watauga High School Junior, Kauner Michael, is one of these dedicated students who has been working to make this fundraiser a success. 

“I’ve done stuff like asking businesses to donate items for silent auctions, and getting bowls donated. I’ve been out selling tickets and going out and trying to get people excited and involved,” Michael said.

Student involvement as well as the impact of local aid set apart this fundraiser from others. Students put endless hours and energy into this event, not to raise money for themselves or their school, but rather to help those members of our community seeking assistance. 

“High school students are a special kind of people trying to find themselves. It’s a great outlet for students to be able help others and serve, having a place in the community,” Michael said.

“The thing that makes it special is that students run it and make a lot of the bowls. I’ve made a few myself. It’s a community driven event for a great cause, and its great to see everyone out raising money for the Health and Hunger Coalition.”

 All proceeds benefit the Hunger and Health Coalition and its ongoing effort to relieve hunger and poverty in the area. This year’s event also features live music and a silent auction. 

“This annual event has become a community homecoming of sorts whereas many of our donors also attend and take the opportunity to meet and greet each other as they rarely find themselves all together in one spot. Last year we fed over 500 people a bowl of soup, bread, drink and dessert,” said WHS Ceramics Instructor, Whit Whitaker.emptybowlsposter-less
Students raised $8,800 at last year’s dinner, passing the previous year’s record by $700. That comes out to 44,000 pounds of food! 

“This year we’re having live music from our Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz Band which I hope will draw people in,” Michael said. “If we could even hit $9,000 this year that would be great.” 

Empty Bowls Dinners started with one class project at a Michigan High School back in 1990, and today are held all over the country raising money to combat hunger.

So check out the menu, and come grab a meal at the Empty Bowls supper this weekend. And when you do,  remember that you’re not just filling your bowl, you’re helping fill the bowl of a neighbor in need.   

2014 Empty Bowls Supper Menu 

French Rolls, Honey Wheat Rolls and Spinach Feta Rolls 
provided by Stick Boy Bakery

Broccoli Cheddar Soup
provided by WHS ProStart II and Advanced Foods II

Italian Basil Minestrone Soup
provided by Casa Rustica Restaurant

Potato Soup
provided by Pepper’s Restaurant

Tomato Basil Soup
provided by Stick Boy Kitchen

Brunswick Soup
provided by Woodland’s Barbecue

Troy’s Traditional Chili
provided by Troy’s 105 Diner

Clam Chowder
provided by The Speckled Trout Cafe

Corn-Leek-Basil Soup
provided by F.A.R.M. Cafe

provided by Bare Essentials Natural Market 

provided by Friends of Watauga 

For more information or to donate to the Empty Bowls silent auction, call 828-264-2407, or email whitakerw@watauga.k12.nc.us.