Watauga Elementary School Students Compete in Math Olympics This Month

Published Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 10:44 am

Taj McMann (front, red shirt), Rylee Mitchell (striped shirt), and Leo McEvoy

Students at Cove Creek School, Mabel School, and Green Valley School are competing in a Math Olympics this month and the second grade students of Cove Creek teacher Tiffany Reece jumped, threw, leaped, and calculated their way through their part of this creative competition on Saturday.

The events included a high jump, in which students see how high on the wall they can place a sticker; a broad jump; a javelin throw, in which a straw is tossed as far as possible; the discus, with a paper plate serving as the discus; and the shot put, in which a brightly dyed cotton ball is hurled as far as gravity and wind resistance allow (“no toes were crushed in completing this event”).

Teams of three students rotated from one station to the next to complete the physical activity, measure their results, and enter the data on a computer where it can be tallied and compared in a variety of ways.

“It’s an engaging combination of movement, fun, teamwork, math, and technology,” said Reece. “The students really enjoy it, and it works very well to help them develop and apply important skills.”


Lilli Combs at computer


Taj McMann (back, red shirt), Rylee Mitchell (striped shirt), and Leo McEvoy (front, blue shirt)


Jedi Verling (left) and Josie Plummer (right) just after Josie threw the discus

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