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Another Snow Day for Watauga and Avery County Schools, Spring Break Hasn’t Been Affected … Yet

By Jesse Wood

March 13, 2014. With secondary roads covered in snow and ice, Avery County Schools and Watauga County Schools cancelled classes on Thursday.

For the 2013-14 school year, Watauga County Schools has had 16 snow days as of today with two being made up with Saturday school. Assuming school is held as planned this upcoming Saturday, the number of made-up school days moves to three, according to WCS spokesman Marshall Ashcraft.

As it stands, the last day of school for Watuaga is currently June 12.

Avery County Schools has missed 18 snow days, but because it has added 30 minutes of school each day for a few months now, the make up days are absorbed. However, ACS spokesman Martha Davis said that if “we miss another day, it may alter our spring break or we will consider a Saturday.”

In the past, ACS Supt. David Burleson has maintained that Saturday school would be a last resort. Currently, Avery County Schools is on schedule for June 13 to be the last day of school. 

Spring break for Watauga County Schools hasn’t been affected either. See map below for exact dates of spring break. 

Below are the most calendars posted on the respective schools’ website. Notice that those two haven’t been updated to include today’s snow day. See snow day history for Watauga County Schools here

Avery County Schools Calendar