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WHAT’S GOING ON at Shoppes at Farmers Hardware? Brickwork, Entrance for Yoga Studio

Brick towards the top of the old building is being repointed. Photos by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

The Shoppes at Farmers Hardware building on the corner of King and Depot streets is receiving a facelift this summer.

Construction crews have been standing on scaffolding towards the top of the building repointing a four-foot high by 28-feet wide section of brick, said Brandon Langdon, co-owner of The Shoppes at Farmers Hardware.

Langdon said that he noticed the brick was in need of repair for sometime.

In addition to the work facing main street, Langdon said that work on the back of the 100-year-old building must take place before Neighborhood Yoga is allowed to move into the second floor of the building.

With a fire escape needed with the addition of Neighborhood Yoga, Langdon said they decided to just add stairs on the back of the building to accommodate the fire codes and add another entrance to the yoga studio.

“We said, why not just do that,” Langdon said. “The cost difference is minimal.”

Expecting Neighborhood Yoga moving in towards the middle of September, Langdon said he’s excited to have the business as a tenant.

“Oh definitely. I think it will bring in more people and a variety of people to the building,” Langdon said.

According to a profile of Valerie Midgett, owner of Neighborhood Yoga, in the April/May issue of High Country Magazine, the studio will take “full advantage of the architectural and spatial novelty of 4,000 square feet of space, 10 foot ceilings in the central studio, brick interior walls, large picture windows overlooking King Street.

” … It will include a much larger studio – roughly 1,300 square feet, changing rooms, reception area, retail space for yoga-related clothing, props and gifts, two bathrooms and a food and juice bar run by local entrepreneurs and fellow yoga practitioners Caleb Crowell and Megan Ward.”