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WHAT’S GOING ON? With Excavators At 334 Blowing Rock Road, Waffle House Slated To Open In Fall

Photo by Ken Ketchie
Photo by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

June 6, 2013. Across from McDonald’s on Blowing Rock Road, a Waffle House is slated to open in the fall, according to Kelly Thrasher, a spokeswoman for the restaurant.

“It looks as of right now the project is set to open in October,” Thrasher said, adding that no specific date has been announced because of unforeseen issues with weather, permits and “things of that nature.”  

In February, Boone Planning and Inspections (BP&I) issued the permit for the building, which will be located at 334 Blowing Rock Road, wedged in between Boone Bike & Touring and Jerry Butler’s General Dentistry. So far, the site is being cleared of trees and excavators and dump trucks are currently present on the property.

In December, Ken Williams of CDL Properties, which owns the .47-acre site, appeared before the Boone Board of Adjustment requesting a variance application for the proposed driveway leading into the proposed Waffle House parking lot.

waffle house
This is what the proposed Waffle House will look like off of Blowing Rock Road.

In January, the BP&I department approved the site development plans for the proposed Waffle House. The building will encompass 1,800 square feet and be 16-foot tall. 

Staying open 24 hours a day, Waffle Houses are popular diners for the late-night crowd. About 150 Waffle Houses exist in North Carolina to date.