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U.S. Sen. Hagen and Romney Spokesperson Release Statements on the Recent North Carolina Jobs Report

Aug. 17, 2012. Statement from Romney Spokesperson on N.C. Jobs Report:

Today, we learned that North Carolina’s unemployment rate increased from 9.4% to 9.6% in the month of July, which marks the 43rd consecutive month of unemployment above 9 percent in the Tar Heel state. Please consider the following statement for your reporting:

“Once again, residents of North Carolina have received more dismal news about the state of the Obama economy. Over the last four years, President Obama’s failed economic policies have left us with more unemployment, more debt, and more uncertainty for middle-class families struggling to make ends meet. The facts show the President is wrong and his policies have not worked. Governor Romney has a plan to get our economy back on track by creating 12 million jobs in his first term, addressing our skyrocketing debt, preserving and protecting Medicare, and empowering small businesses.” – Robert Reid, Romney Spokesperson

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan released the following statement today on the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Labor and Economic Analysis Division report that the state’s unemployment rate increased to 9.6 percent in July, up from 9.4 percent in June:

“Today’s jobs report is a reminder that people across our state are still struggling and that we must do more to create jobs and improve our economy. We can’t wait until after the election to take action that will put hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians back to work. I continue traveling across our state on my North Carolina Back to Work Jobs Tour gathering ideas and solutions that will move our economy in the right direction. It’s clear that we must expand and rebuild our historic industries; fill available 21st-century jobs now; plan for the future with strategic investments; and grow our state’s small businesses. I will continue fighting for policies that create a better environment for our state’s businesses to grow and get the people of North Carolina back to work.”

To view jobs report, click here: https://www.hcpress.com/news/ncs-unemployment-rate-at-9-6-percent-in-july-up-2-percent-non-farm-jobs-increase-by-36800-over-year.html.