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The Dande Lion Hosts ‘Breast Buddies’ Fundraiser to Support Breast Cancer Patients Throughout September

by Madison Fisler Lewis

Linda Vana and Jane Deavers

Aug. 27, 2014. Starting Sept. 1, the Dande Lion in Banner Elk will host a fundraiser in honor of an employee and close friend of store owner Jane Deavers, and her personal battle with breast cancer.

“It all started because my long time friend, who also works here at the Dande Lion, was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Deavers said.

“We have been friends for 43 years and so we named it ‘Breast Buddies’ because we are best buddies. Linda is a pretty amazing person and I wanted to do something that honored her and what a strong woman she is.”

Linda Vana was diagnosed with breast cancer in early June and will finish her treatments on Thursday, Aug. 27.

“She is on the road to recovery,” Deavers said. “Thanks to a wonderful and caring medical staff. When she was diagnosed, she missed just three days while she had surgery.”

The fundraiser will challenge local businesses to decorate bras donated by The Dande Lion in any theme related to their business or the fight against breast cancer. The decorated bras will then be displayed as part of a contest in the Dande Lion, where customers and supporters can vote for their favorites by placing donations in the box corresponding to each bra.

The contest will take place the entire month of September, and a donation will be made on Oct. 1 to the Wilma J. Redmond Fund just in time for the kickoff of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

So far, 13 businesses have already committed to participate. The participating businesses and themes are listed below.

  1. Avery County Health Department – Don’t Gamble! Get Your Mammogram
  2. Bella’s – Bella’s “Girls” Fight Against Breast Cancer
  3. Erick’s Cheese and Wine – It’s a Good Year to Cluster for a Cure
  4. Flora Ottimer Children’s Boutique – Dancing for a Cure
  5. Grandfather Vineyard and Winery – Uncorked!
  6. Lowe’s Grocery – We Love Boo-Bees. Big and Small, Save Them All
  7. Mountain Community Bank (a division of Bank of Tennessee) – Currency for a Cure
  8. Northern Parker Interiors – Designing for a Cure
  9. Seby B. Jones Cancer Center Radiation Oncology – “Treat” Your Boobies Right
  10. Tatum Galleries and Interiors – Trim the Ta Tas at Tatum’s
  11. The Dande Lion, Inc – The Dande Lion Roars Against Breast Cancer
  12. Thelma’s Things – Hunting for the Cure
  13. Watauga Medical Center Radiology – Waging War Against Breast Cancer

“We are already getting more donations than I ever expected,” Deavers said. “People are hearing about it and coming in. In fact, we have the 13 bras up on our ledge and we have covers on them so we can unveil them on Sept. 1, and people are asking questions and are very interested. This fundraiser is doing exactly what we intended it to do: It is raising awareness about the fund. Even the staff from the treatment facilities are doing bras! It has been a really wonderful experience and we wanted it to be that way. But it is turning out even better than we ever expected.”

For more information about the Wilma Redmond Foundation, please visit www.apprhs.org. For more information regarding the “Breast Buddies” fundraiser at The Dande Lion, please contact Linda or Jane at 828-898-3566. The Dande Lion is located at The Shoppes at Tynecastle at 4501 Tynecastle Highway in Banner Elk.