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The 12th Annual Melissa Reaves Holiday Show Brings Music, Philanthropy and More to Boone Dec. 11 and 12

by Madison V. Fisler

Dec. 10, 2013. If your holiday season has started out a little bit quiet, fear not. The 12th annual Melissa Reaves Holiday Show is returning to the High Country on Dec. 11 and 12.

melissaotisThe local crooner will be appearing at Char in downtown Boone to play her heart out with many other musicians including Gregg Smith, Freddie Banner, Jonathan Priest, Sean O’Shields and Doug James with special guests David Brewer, Ross Robinette and Beaver Ross Robinette, Liz Riddick and Hope Harvey. 

“I see it as a tradition in Boone which is very exciting and a great honor,” said Reaves.

“Boone is my home and I am thrilled to come back. It’s a chance for us to get together and see each other and have a holiday. I love my community and I am certainly excited.”

The show will begin at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 11 and at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12. Char is located in downtown Boone at 179 Howard Street, exactly where Reaves played her first ever holiday show back when Char was Coffey’s.

Much like her music, Reaves’ highly anticipated holiday shows have evolved over  years, featuring a variety of musical stylings ranging from jazzy Christmas and holiday staples, to rockin’ winter tunes. 

“It’s a twist on holiday music, it’s not a formal thing,” said Reaves. “Some would say a twist, some would say it’s twisted. I am so thrilled to be on stage with Liz [Riddick] and Hope [Harvey], and all the guys are the best guys ever. The best part is we are all great friends, if you can imagine cutting up on stage and having a great time with your friends, that’s the best part!”

The theme for the show will be loosely based on juke joints.

“I do kind of have a theme, its just for fun and to get the show focused,” Reaves said. “This year it will be a juke joint vibe. If I had unlimited resources I would do a backdrop of an old blues bar, but that is going to be the central theme.”

This year, the Holiday Show will have a philanthropic element as well. 

“This kind of came about yesterday,” Reaves said. “We are partnering up with a toy drive for foster kids in the High Country. We are asking people to please bring an unwrapped toy, cash or a gift card. Someone will be there at the booth both nights taking care of it at the door. Just a little bit of effort on our part can make a huge difference. Some of these kids have never received a Christmas gift. It’s such a huge difference with just a little bit of work.”

Guests are strongly encouraged to make reservations in advance of the show by calling Char at 828-266-2179. The cover charge for the show is $9. For reservations, call 828-266-2179.

After her Holiday Show, Reaves will travel to Winston Salem on Friday, Dec. 13 to play at the RAPP Gift Drive at The Garage. 

A High Country native, Reaves travels nationally and internationally during her tours including such venues as in Vancouver, New York, Boston, Atlanta and more. 

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