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Popular Local Beer, Booneshine IPA, Now Available in Cans. More Releases to Follow.

Last Wednesday, March 1, Booneshine Brewing Company celebrated the release of their first canned beer. The release has already been a major hit for this growing brewery, which was completely sold out of the 16 oz 4 packs in just two days.

Byramid of new IPA cans. Photo courtesy Booneshine Brewing Company.

The considerable excitement around the release comes as no surprise as Booneshine Brewery has become an established name across the region.

“Our beer is available in over 40 locations right now in the High Country,” says co-owner, Tim Herdklotz.  

The can release features Booneshine’s flagship IPA properly named, Booneshine IPA, which the brewery’s facebook dubs “the beer that started it all.” The release represents many new opportunities for fans who, until now, travelled to restaurants and bars in order to enjoy Booneshine’s craft drafts.

Now fans can take their Booneshine along for their outdoor adventures. The Brewery recently gave away a tent in a raffle to promote this idea alongside the can release last Wednesday.       

This exciting next step for Booneshine is just the beginning, and consumers in the High Country should expect to see a lot more of the brand in stores in the future.

“We want to offer our cans to a broader range of customers when we get more. They just went really fast,” says Herdklotz. “The next brand that we’re going to can is going to be the tropicpale ale”

The newly released Booneshine IPA cans feature original artwork by local designer, Matt Wagner whose company is called Fire Tower Creative.

“Everybody loves the design, and we’re just happy to work with local folks like Matt”

Any Booneshine fans ravenous to get their hands on these sold-out 4 packs can still find a few stragglers at Basil’s located next to Booneshine Brewery. All fans and beer lovers should keep their eyes open for the next shipment later this month as well as for more releases of new cans in the future.