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New Social Network Site ‘Boone Community Network’ Launched Last Week; Facilitates Local Networking

by Madison V. Fisler

Aug. 28, 2013. The Boone Community Network, a new social network directed at the local community, officially launched to the public last week. This hyper-local networking website allows individuals, groups, organizations and local businesses of all types to create profiles to publicize themselves and their events. 

The website allows users to create “tags” which can help to facilitate discussion, file sharing and organizing local events. 

imgres-1In addition to the “tagging” feature, the Boone Community Network also supports a “Marketplace,” similar to Craigslist, where anyone cal advertise goods and services, or put out a call for something that they need. Unlike Craigslist, though, all postings are connected to a public profile. 

The network also includes a community calendar, where anyone within the network can create and share their events, as well as Mediascape, where members can post and browse music, photos and video files. 

This new social networking site is free, public and completely local.

Rio Tazewell, founder and president of the Boone Community Network says that he thinks the network will be a valuable resource for anyone that is looking to become more aware of what is available in the Boone area, or looking to promote something that they are locally involved with.

“Basically, we are offering anyone that lives or works in the Boone area a way to publicly share and connect over common interests, whether they be of a social, civic of economic nature.”

Tazewell, a recent graduate of local Appalachian State University, began organizing efforts to establish the Boone Community Network in January and has been working with a local web developer for the past several months to develop the social networking website.

“We’re really excited to share what we’ve created, and for people to start using it to further their own purposes,” said Tazewell.

Using this network, local bands can share their music, clubs and sports teams can promote their events, local organizations can publicize their missions and local businesses can essentially use the site as a form of free advertising, since businesses can create profiles, post their own content, create events and list deals in the Marketplace for free.

“We want people to use the site and get more connected to the local business community, arts community, nonprofit community and faith community as well as what’s happening on campus. there really is something for everyone,” Tazewell said. 

The Boone Community Network can be accessed here