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NC Justice Center’s Budget & Tax Center Director, Together NC Denounce Tax Plan Passed

Statement from Together NC, NC Justice Center on Tax Plan passed by House and Senate

Together NC:

July 17, 2013. The tax plan passed today by the state House and Senate fails to build a better North Carolina. In fact, the plan tears down what our state has worked hard to achieve over the last several decades: quality public schools, world-class universities, accessible health care, and preserving our natural resources — all of which are critical to the state’s economic prosperity and quality of life. 

The tax plan endangers these vital public investments, and everyone will pay the price.  This isn’t a good strategy for growing our economy and it doesn’t fix the very real problems with our tax code. 

Statement from Alexandra Forter Sirota, Budget & Tax Center Director: The final tax plan is a giant step backwards for North Carolina

July 17, 2013. The final deal North Carolinians must live with is a giant step backwards for the state. Rather than fixing problems with state taxes, it makes them worse. 

It cuts taxes for the wealthiest, and takes away the highly effective state Earned Income Tax Credit from low-income working families.  

We’ll all  pay the price for this sweet deal for wealthy taxpayers and profitable corporations.  Our state will be the poorer for it – less attractive to businesses, less hospitable to families.