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Murphy’s Pub Sold to Wine To Water: Murphy’s to Continue as Restaurant and Pub for Now

By Cramer Lewis 

Local favorite and “Boone’s oldest dive” Murphy’s Pub has been purchased by a group of investors and another staple of the High Country, international charity organization Wine To Water. This change in ownership of one of Boone’s signature bars was announced yesterday as longtime owners Erik and Steve Larson and Tom Phillips sold the restaurant and historic downtown Boone building to the groups.

In case you don’t already know, Wine To Water is the Boone based non profit with a mission to bring clean water to communities around the globe. It was launched in 2007 by Doc Hendley who came up with the idea for Wine To Water while bartending and playing music in clubs around Raleigh.  

The organization manages hands on projects directly carrying out its mission across various continents: generally supplying communities in need by drilling or improving wells and distributing ceramic water filters.

The aquisition of Murphy’s further establishes Water To Wine’s strong connection to the community in Boone, its home. Murphy’s has been such a reflection of the character and spirit of Boone through the years, and though the bar is passing hands, the new management intends to continue the established legacy of Murphy’s as a favorite music venue, eatery and pub in the High Country. 

Wine To Water has purchased the historic down town building that physically houses both Murphy’s below and the Wine To Water offices above. A group of investors, including current Wine To Water CEO David Cuthbert, has purchased the restaurant, which will lease its space from Wine To Water: talk about vertical integration, literally.  

In addition to deepening community roots and continuing the legacy of Murphy’s, Wine To Water and the investors want to use this new outlet to support their humanitarian agenda. 

“Murphy’s new ownership, in cooperation with Wine To Water, is dedicated to supporting clean water programs for people in need,” says a statement given by the partners.

The primary goal of Wine To Water always remains providing clean water. The group has accomplished this vision for over 500,000 people so far and is committed to providing clean water to 1 million people by 2019. 

The general air at Murphy’s these days is one of excitement. As the beloved restaurant and pub transitions, business continues as usual. There is also a hopefulness for exciting new events that partner the bar with Wine To Water and its causes. 

This Friday marks a huge yearly event for the Irish pub, St. Patrick’s Day. Boonies should be sure to come out and celebrate properly at Murphy’s by enjoying some live music and green brews. 

Check out these pictures of the building that houses both Murphy’s and the Water To Wine office