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Linville Falls Winery Hosts After Hours Event Feb. 10 Sponsored by Avery County Chamber of Commerce and NBA

By Madison Fisler Lewis

Feb. 11, 2015. On Tuesday, Feb. 10, The Avery County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Newland Business Association hosted an After Hours Networking Event at Linville Falls Winery. The event took place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and served as both a networking event for current members of the Avery County Chamber of Commerce and Newland Business Association, but also an arena for businesses to show their support of the organizations.

“The Avery Chamber has partnered with the Newland Business Association to hold events in Newland before, but it was great to co-sponsor this event with the chamber,” said Veronica Strong, Newland Business Association events committee chair.

“The Newland Business Association works to promote Newland and the greater Newland area. We are a nonprofit organization that works to benefit businesses in our area by sponsoring events. The Avery Chamber partnering with us helps us to build strength in the businesses in our more remote communities.”

Strong described the atmosphere of the event to be positive and inviting.

“I enjoyed Jack Wiseman”s comment that the cream of the crop was present that night,” Strong said. “I enjoyed a great atmosphere that brought people in to see the chamber and the Newland Business Association, and it allowed people to learn who we are.”

Linda Wiseman of Linville Falls Winery found the event to be a success for the Chamber of Commerce, the Newland Business Association and for the winery itself.

“I think it was a success,” Wiseman said. “I think everyone had a wonderful time. There were good opportunities for everyone to network their businesses, and it was a success for us because we picked up another person who wants to carry our wine! I think it was also a good opportunity for Melynda [Pepple] to meet and greet everyone again.”

The event featured indoor seating for 47, and Wiseman confirmed that all seats were filled.

“I had seating indoors for 47 people and I think that all seats were taken,” Wiseman said. “But then, a lot of people stayed standing to mingle. We have plenty of room, we have the accommodations for seating, so we think that the winery is a good place to have these events and we really enjoy hosting them.”

Check out photos of the event below.

Photos by Ken Ketchie

Linda Wiseman, Jack Wiseman, Nancy Morrison and Melynda Pepple


Folks enjoy the networking event.


Jack Wiseman and Danica Goodman
Behind the bar at the winery
The winery offered outdoor seating by the fire
The rolling hills of the vineyard.
A close up of Linville Falls Winery
Linville Falls Winery