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Linville Falls Winery Grand Opening Saturday, 40-Acre Farm ‘Perfect Terrain’ for Growing Flavorful Grapes

by Mariel Gambino

May 30, 2013. Jack Wiseman has always had a dream of owning a vineyard and producing flavorful and natural wines. Jack’s dreams came true, the grand opening of Linville Falls Winery is this Saturday, June 1.

Winery 3On Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Linville Falls Winery offers a wine tasting of its seven wines. A dry white chardonnay, dry red merlot, semi-sweet white and rose, and three desert wines that include blueberry, cherry bounce, and trillum.

In addition to the tasting, local vendors are offering assorted items such as pottery and woodwork. Wine by the glass and Spear’s BBQ & Grill is available for purchase and two musical acts, Andy Ferrell and Sons of Blue Grass, are the entertainment for the afternoon and evening. 

“Jack started putting grapes in the ground seven years ago.” said Linda Wiseman, a relative of Jack. “He came to find that this was a great area of growing the varieties of grapes that we grow.”

Jack paired up with Rick Donely, former director of ASU’s enology and viticulture department, to produce delicious and award-winning wines.

Located off of Linville Falls Highway in Newland, NC, the 40-acre farm that also serves as a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm is the perfect terrain for growing grapes. The grapes are located on a slope that faces the sun, providing the vineyard with warm days, mild nights and ideal drainage.

Winery 1The high elevation at which the grapes grow is beneficial in more ways than one. Thicker skin causes a more natural and juicier fruit, and roots must travel deeper for moisture in the mountainous terrain.

Visitors are welcome to hike the trails of the farm, and since the land also serves as a Christmas tree farm, visiting the winery in the late fall is ideal. Guests can choose from seven wines cased in a state-of-the-art casing room as well as choose and cut their own Christmas tree.

The winery is open every Wednesday through Sunday, from 12 to 6 p.m. Questions about Linville Falls Winery and the grand opening can be directed to

828-765-1400. Click to www.linvillefallswinery.com or visit the Facebook page.