Gamekeeper to Feature World-Renowned Le Calabash Chefs Sid, Alison Bond Feb. 18-20

Published Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 4:27 pm

By Jessica Isaacs | [email protected]

Travel the globe without leaving your table this week at the Gamekeeper Restaurant and Bar, where world-renowned chefs Sidney and Alison Bond of Le Calabash Petit concervatoire de la cuisine will guest star in the kitchen.

Sidney and Alison Bond/Le Calabash.

Sidney and Alison Bond/Le Calabash.

Le Calabash

Le Calabash is known as the home of true “international culinary adventure” and is located on the river Creuse in the Loire Valley region. The Bonds will trade their French farmhouse kitchen for a stay at the Gamekeeper, where their multifarious culinary repertoire will translate into an exclusive and matchless experience for customers in the High Country.

“I can’t even begin to tell you about their accolades, and they are just so humble and sweet,” said Cheryl Westbrook, who handles marketing for the restaurant. “They have a cooking school in France and they’re coming to the High Country, primarily so that Ken and Wendy can learn from them, but they’re going to serve these great meals, entrees and desserts while they’re here.”

Gamekeeper patrons can enjoy regular menu items on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, along with special dishes created by Sidney, a master chef with South African roots, and Alison, a distinguished European pastry chef.

Ken and Wendy Gordon. Photo by Ken Ketchie.

Ken and Wendy Gordon. Photo by Ken Ketchie.

“We’ll be offering their specials as a la carte items. You can get them all, or one or none — however you want to do it,” Ken said. “Hopefully, they’ll be available in the dining room during service to meet people who are interested. These are specials that are being brought to us form overseas with French, South African and all kinds of different influences and prepared by greatly talented chefs.”

The Gordons look forward to spending time in the kitchen with Sid and Alison.

“We will be able to see what they do, but they’ll be able to see what we do, too, and we can ask them what they think,” said Ken. “I don’t know if they’ll learn anything from us, but we definitely have a lot to learn from them. At the end of the weekend, we’ll look back and say “that was really fun,” and that’s what I’m looking for.”

While the Bonds are in town, the Gamekeeper’s special menu will include things like:

  • Lamb Sosaties: Traditional Cape Malay, South African dish grilled on skewers. Served with pap, a South African styled grits, Chakalaka a Zulu spicy tomato and onion relish and fruit chutney.
  • Capa Malay Chicken Curry: Distinctive and tasty authentic curry dish, famous for its fruity and full-bodied flavors. Served with pap, a South African styled grits, Chakalaka a Zulu spicy tomato and onion relish and fruit chutney.
  • Bobotie: South African dish consisting of spiced ground beef baked with an egg-based topping. Served with pap, a South African styled grits, Chakalaka a Zulu spicy tomato and onion relish and fruit chutney.
  • Malva Pudding: Sweet pudding with a spongy caramelized texture, containing apricot jam. Served hot with a cream sauce, custard and vanilla ice cream.
  • Madagascan Chocolate Choux Buns: Trio of classic French Profiteroles filled with Alison’s Madagascan chocolate crème, hot chocolate sauce and an Amarula ice cream.

Don’t want to miss this special offer? Reservations are highly recommended if you plan to dine at the Gamekeeper while Sid and Alison are in town.

Call the restaurant at 828-963-7400 or go online to make your reservations.

The Gamekeeper is located at 3005 Shulls Mill Road in Boone.

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