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International Ginseng Expo to Highlight Ginseng’s Benefit to Health and the Economy of Western NC

Oct. 12, 2012. There are challenges to the Ginseng industry in North Carolina, involving over-collection, professional practices in the ginseng farming sector, and the economic ‘value-added’ domestic and international export market. This first International American Ginseng Expo will bring together federal, state and regional experts to discuss Ginseng’s expanding botanical, medicinal and economic future. Presentations by Southern Appalachian ginseng officials, leaders and growers will explore prospects for agricultural wealth and how to promote the abundance of American ginseng in Western North Carolina.

 The expo is Dec. 7-8, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. It will be at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center, located at 455 Research Drive, Mills River.

Early Bird registration and discounts are still available for a limited time.

Tickets and sponsorships can be obtained online at www.ncnaturalproducts.org/tickets-ginseng or by mailing a check to NCNPA, c/o Treasurer, Robert Eidus, 300 Indigo Bunting Lane, Marshall, NC 28753

Cost: $100.00 covers BOTH days as Early Bird registration until midnight October 15th.

$125. from October 16th until midnight December 5th. Registration at the door: $140.

One day registration: $65. until midnight December 5th. One day registration at the door: $75.

Sponsorships are available! Open to the Public.


“This will be a great opportunity to learn how to promote your ginseng world-wide, especially in the US; meet wild forest ginseng experts; and to network with state officials, harvesters, sellers, and dealers”, comments Robert Eidus, one of the founders of the event. “Hip, hip, hooray for the plants. This is an historic event. Everything you wanted to know about ginseng will be covered. And, a REAL-TIME AUCTION through internet marketing sites is planned to showcase older American-grown ginseng roots.”


According to Dr. Jeanine Davis, NC State University Extension Horticulture Specialist and NCNPA adviser, ginseng trade is monitored by state agencies in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, with a concern that wild American ginseng doesn’t go extinct through over collection. Ginseng is valued by people in many nations who believe it has health-promoting


properties. The root of American ginseng has been collected for export to the Pacific Rim since

early in the 18th century. North Carolina has capitalized on its position as a ginseng native growth

region and strong agricultural producer. With a long and lucrative history as an international

participant in the growing and trading of ginseng, North Carolina is working to strengthen its

position as the nation’s number one exporter of American ginseng.

The North Carolina Natural Products Association was created over 10 years ago as a 501c (3)

non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, cultivating, sustainably harvesting, and processing

North Carolina grown medicinal plants. NCNPA’s mission is to establish North Carolina as a key

global supplier of premium-quality raw materials and plant-based value added products such as

natural medicines, organic products, functional foods, and personal care products.


Go to ncnaturalproducts.org to register or sponsor now!

If you would like more information about this event or to schedule an interview, please contact

Caroline Edwards, NCNPA Media Contact, at cjedwards234@gmail.com and 828)289-0122.