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Hound Ears Club Launches Community-Wide Paving Effort; Expected to be Completed June 2013

May 8,  2013. The passage from winter to spring means many things – fresh flower buds, infant wildlife and, at Hound Ears Club, spring means the blossoming of improved, safer roadways.

In April, a much-anticipated paving project began as local construction crews laid the first asphalt down on Sycamore.

The project encompasses the paving of 10 miles of roadway and is expected to be completed by June 2013.

Officials of Hound Ears Club and Hound Ears Property Owners Association sought a vast amount of community input concerning the project. A recent survey revealed that 76-percent of property owners favored the paving plan.

Utilizing an extensive collection of data and analysis, the Club Board – in consultation with the POA Board — deliberated for many months among several options and determined that obtaining funding earlier this year would take advantage of attractive economic conditions and, in the long run, represents the greatest value for all concerned.

“The current state of many roads within the Hound Ears community has become not only unsightly, but also potentially dangerous,” Hound Ears Club Board President Dr. Jimbo Rouse and POA President Robert Picchi stated in a November letter to the community.

“This is not a project that can wait 10-12 years. This project will enhance property values, improve resident safety and enrich our tradition of tranquil, mountain living.”

After a diligent bidding process, the Club chose Moretz Paving, a local firm based in Zionville. The family-owned company has decades of experience in large paving projects across the High Country.

Ray Clark Construction is providing site drainage and Jason Gaston of Valor Engineering is the project’s resident engineer.

Hound Ears Club Director of Property Services Keith Jennings said the project has launched without any problems.

“Moretz paving has worked in Hound Ears for many years and has always been great to work with,” he said.

“With great anticipation, after a winter’s work of preparation and repairs to our drainage systems on our roads, we are delighted that our road repaving project has started,” said Hound Ears Club Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Don Vance.

“It was nice to see that we had 76 percent approval from our residents, which tells you how important our roads are to everyone who lives at Hound Ears,” he added.

“I want to thank Keith Jennings, Darryl Eggers, Ray Clark, (Ray Clark Construction) Jason Gaston,(our Project Engineer) along with Moretz Paving, Fred Halback, and members of our Hound Ears Board of Directors and our POA Board of Directors, Bob Picchi, Dennis Crisp and our Oversight Committee, for all of their support in making this project possible. This is going to be a great improvement to our community,” Mr. Vance added.

For more information, visit the Hound Ears Club website at houndears.com