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Haircut 101 Holds Annual ‘Hot Lips Contest’

By Paul T. Choate

Ken Ketchie judging the lips
Ken Ketchie, editor of the High Country Press, judges the ‘hot lips.’

Feb. 14, 2012. BOONE — Who has the hottest lips in town? The results are in! Local salon Haircut 101 took submissions of the hottest lips – imprints in lipstick on doilies – recently and the lips were judged by our own Ken Ketchie, editor, on Valentine’s Day.

Taking first place was Kathy Schlagal. She wins a $100 gift certificate for Afterglow Cosmetics products. In second place was Jessica Kitchin, who will receive a $50 gift certificate for services at Haircut 101. In third place was Katie Metzger, receiving a $50 gift certificate for Bumble and bumble hair products.

 The “Hot Lips Contest” is the brainchild of John Mena, owner of Haircut 101, and has been held for the last several years to promote the salon.

“It’s just something fun to do,” said Mena. “All the ladies enjoy it.”

Mena said he chose early- to mid-February for the contest because “people are trying to spruce up for Valentine’s Day.”

The participants are mostly college-aged females, but Mena said those were not the only people who submit their lips for the scrutiny of Ketchie. “There were even a couple of guys,” he said.

The contest drew more lip submissions than ever this year, totaling 106 “hot lips” in all.


 Hot Lips Photo Gallery by Ken Ketchie

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