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Gas Prices Have Fallen to Lowest Prices Since Summer; National Average Crude Oil Prices Down Alongside Them

by Madison V. Fisler 

Nov. 6, 2013. If you haven’t yet noticed, gas prices around the High Country are lower than we have come to expect. This is consistent with reports from around the nation that fuel prices are steadily falling all over the United States, in many places the lowest the prices have been since the summer. 

As of press time, prices around the Boone area range from $3.28 to $3.36 for regular. The lowest price for diesel is at a very low $3.86 in Boone. As usual, prices in Tennessee are even lower.

imgres-2In Mountain City, Tenn., the price for regular is even lower, with the prices ranging from $3.06 to $3.79. The lowest price for diesel in Mountain City is $3.75 according to MotorTrend.com.

The U.S. Average prices have steadily declined since October. On Oct. 8, the average price for regular in the U.S. was $3.39. Today, the Average has fallen to $3.24, according to GasBuddy.com. 

This marks the lowest average price per gallon since Dec. 24, 2012 when prices hovered around $3.22. The highest prices came between Feb. 15 and Feb. 28, when prices were as high as $3.74 per gallon on average for regular. 

These lower prices all over the nation are due, at least in part, to falling prices in crude oil. Today, the national average for crude oil stands around $94.75 per barrel, a price that has not been matched since June 21.

The record low in crude oil prices for this year came on April 19, when crude oil prices dropped to around $87 per barrel. The highest that crude oil reached this year was around $109 per barrel for the national average, which came on Sept. 5. 

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