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Gadabouts: Local Catering, Events Company Adds Classic Car Rental to the Menu

Eileen and Billy Gaddy have been serving up great food and good times for weddings, parties and other special events in the High Country since 2004 with their catering company, Gadabouts, based in Banner Elk. Over time, they’ve worked to diversify their business, adding services like wedding and event planning to their professional repertoire.

Recently, they’ve branched out even more and added classic car rentals to the list with their latest addition, a 1966 convertible Mustang in candy apple red.

“It’s kind of like a dream come true. My husband and I always wanted to have a classic vehicle, and we decided, what better way than to let Gadabout’s buy it?” Eileen laughed. “So now, it’s incorporated into the business. Gadabouts is like one of our children, so we bought him a car.”

They’ve had their hearts set for quite some time on owning a classic vehicle, and their new car recalls memories for them both.

“The time between my junior and senior years in college, somebody had a convertible mustang and we spent so much time in it. It was the year of Grease, you remember that? That movie came out and we were just in that car constantly,” said Eileen. “We had it out all the time, top down; you could fit 10-12 people in there. We’d be all over that car, and then she took it home at the end of the summer and came back with a Maverick.”

They found the one they’ve been searching for at Streetside Classics in Charlotte.

“It was funny, because we’re the type to talk about this and then it never happens. All of the sudden I saw this and said ‘Honey, this place says they have five of them,'” said Eileen. “We drove down there and looked at it and fell in love with it and I wrote a check that day.”

Now that they have it, Eileen and Billy look forward to sharing it and incorporating it into their business by offering it up for rent for weddings, proms, parades and other events.

“We try to diversify. We started out being strictly catering and then we started adding wedding planning services. Really, the ultimate thing was to get the car,” she laughed. “But then, after we said we wanted it, we thought we could start renting it out to brides. It can count as a source of income as well as a source of pleasure.”

Interested in renting the Mustang for your next event? Learn more about Gadabouts online at gadabouts.com or reach out by email at gadabouts@gmail.com.

See it for yourself in these images from Wayfaring Wanderer from a recent photo shoot at Valle Crucis Vineyard.