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First Day of Classes: Businesses Excited That ASU Is Back in Session for Spring Semester, Students In Town

By Jesse Wood

Students at Appalachian State University are moving in this week and will start classes next week on Tuesday, Aug. 21. Photo by Ken Ketchie
Students at Appalachian State University walking from class on the first day of the fall semester in 2012. Photo by Ken Ketchie

Jan. 14, 2012. Today is the first day of classes on the campus of ASU, which has the business community relieved.

During the holiday break, many students left the High Country. Though with school back in session, more than 16,000 students (those of which are enrolled on the main campus in Boone) will be in the area for the next few months ordering pizza for those late-night study sessions and frequenting establishments after excelling on that latest, brain-draining exam.

Boone Area Chamber of Commerce President Dan Meyer said that each student “brings in roughly $20,000” in economic stimulus to the area.

“Businesses are always glad to have students here. The university is our number one economic driver and that has to do with everything from housing, retail, services. It really impacts every facet of our community,” Meyer said. “Students are vitally important and businesses are glad to have them back.”

While ASU’s spring semester begins today, the first day of classes on the campus of Lees-McRae College won’t start until Wednesday, Jan. 16.