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Weekly Farmers Market Opens In Valle Crucis

By Greg Hince

Photo by Greg Hince

May 31, 2012. A weekly farmers market, now open in Valle Crucis, will give customers an opportunity to enjoy fresh produce and support local farmers.

The market, located at the original Mast General Store location in Valle Crucis, will have flowers, plants, canned goods, vegetables, meat, baked goods and crafts available every Wednesday from 2-6 p.m. The market runs from May 30 until August 29.

The first event was not widely attended, but the planners believe with more notoriety the market will become an important asset to the Valle Crucis community.

Mary Wood, General Manager of the store, said that the market is open to any and all sellers and participants.

“We didn’t have as many booths as we anticipate, but it’s just the first day,” she said. “When we do this we usually have people showing up early in the mornings because we have a lot of local vendors.”

The farmer’s market Wednesday featured four vendors. The Mast General Store plans to add more venders as the events progress through the summer.

“We have had a good turnout whenever we’ve done the farmer’s market,” Wood said. “And we take pride in only offering local produce, plants, crafts, and baked goods.”

For more information visit www.buyappalachian.org/listing/valle-crucis-farmers-market-at-mast-general.